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Zenhiser EDM Banger Drops WAV

free Zenhiser EDM Banger Drops WAV
Zenhiser EDM Banger Drops WAV

Publisher : Zenhiser

Format : WAV

Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description : As the name suggests, the EDM drops in this set are huge and rumble like monsters. Each melodic part is separated so you can use the full bass drop or whatever you want, now it's usability! We've also included basic EDM drum sounds, including kick drums, claps, percussion and hi-hats, as well as effects. It's a real EDM weapon packed with almost 2GB of the latest sounds. EDM Banger Drops is designed to deliver rush hour madness, make your tracks stand out from the rest, and above all, smash dance floors around the world.


Bass Drops - 50 (Includes Full Bass Drops, Basslines Filtered, Uprisers, Drum Beats) - 346 Drums - Kicks - 50 Drums - Claps - 25 Drums - Percussion - 15 Drums - Hi Hats - 10 FX - 50