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Xfer Records - Serum v1.30b9 VSTi / AAX x86 x64 [Full & Update & FX] [Fixed 2] [1.12.2020]

Xfer Records - Serum v1.30b9 VSTi

Download free serum vst, Crack of serum Vst v1.30b9 for free.

Today we're going to be talking about a very cool new plugin but

before we get into this topic please

like please subscribe to the newsteller will add a new instance

of serum right here

The first thing I can say that if you are in any way

into sound design and all that stuff

this is hands down one of the best

synthesizers you can get for the serum vst for free but on this website i.e on freshplugin4u.com you can get the serum vst for windows free download. I mean the quality of the sound is

unbelievable like a comparison with

massive or all that stuff this plugin

really sounds very very good up quickly

done some experimenting with like the

different waveforms and detuning and

unison and all that stuff and it really


So high-quality that is just you

if you are into sound design this is the

plug-in for you um me myself I'm not

really that much into sound design and I

know I haven't really touched on that

subject on this channel because I tried

to keep the overall difficulty level at

like beginner

/ intermediate and myself I'm not really

that much into sound design so I don't

feel like I know enough about it to be

teaching you guys about sign design

The basic things I can show you guys though

is what this plug-in has it has your

basic oscillator so a and B or one and

two so it has two oscillators that

creates the wave table sounds you can

add a sub oscillator for your bass you

can bypass the filter with this button

so you keep the bass sounds even if

you're filtering

other oscillators you can add some

external noise you can filter you can

add envelopes you can add lfos as in any

other wave table synthesizer how can I

show you guys you can also drag and drop

any sound into your plugins so you can

really create your own kind of waveforms

and all that stuff which is really

really cool , download serum vst for free

You can add all sorts of

effects in the effects you can add

matrix all that stuff but I'm not going

to go in depth on that because that's a

little bit too difficult for us right

now and we're focused on beat making

head not on sound siding so as you can

see it has a lot of base presets it has

basic bass pieces and then hard bass

presets I don't know why they made that

into a different category it has a fast

leads I'm a selenium pads plucks

sequence equation of sequencers I'm not

sure synthesizer and then user saved



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