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When do you add child to car insurance in 2021

when do you add child to car insurance in 2021
when do you add child to car insurance

Are you required to add children to an auto insurance policy? Yes, if they are a licensed driver and live at home, even if they aren't the primary driver. Adding your child to your auto insurance policy may increase your auto insurance rates by 161 percent. However, adding children to your auto insurance policy is much cheaper than them purchasing their own auto insurance policy. If you are ready to, get auto insurance quotes now.

so the question always comes up when doing

I need to add my teenager to my auto policy. They've got their learner's permit. They're starting to drive. Do I need to add them then, or do I need to wait until they get their license?

I'm not sure, but I want to know if they're driving my car, they're going to be protected and insured because teenagers never really cause accidents, right your teenage driver - your auto insurance policy until they get their driver's license.

So that's pretty cool because, at age 15, they can get

a learner's permit and they can learn all about safety and driving carefully and not wrecking your car and all that kind of good stuff right and not necessarily be on the insurance you do not need to

add them to your policy while they have a learner's permit, but once they get their license, you do need to add them to your auto insurance policy

Now be prepared, and I always tell people this

be designed because it will cost you some money. Correct research and studies have shown that teenage drivers cause accidents. I don't know if you believe that or not, but they do, and so what

we've done is put together five tips or ideas or suggestions to help you minimize that impact on your premium right.

There are five ways to save money on your auto insurance premium when you add a teenage driver or a newly licensed driver. Okay, the first thing is to make sure that they take an approved driver's education class. Nowhere in Utah, most students can take that as part

of their school curriculum, which is pretty cool actually, I think if they pay attention and do well in the class

when do you add child to car insurance in 2021
when do you add child to car insurance in 2021

Most kids love that they can take that part of school but take an approved driver safety course. Aside from that, a lot of insurance carriers offer a teen driver safety program. It's usually an online course where you can pay a hundred bucks or something you can take

the class

once they pass that, it entitles them to get a discount on their auto insurance policy, so I highly recommend that when you're looking at

auto insurance policies the second thing that I would tell you to do is make sure you give your child plenty of time to study and not just study the driver's education stuff but study in school right

because all insurance carriers give a discount for a good student

they usually say it's a B average or above, or a 3.0 and above, but if you have that, they qualify for a good student discount, and that's significant it's huge makes a big big impact on that, so as a side note

I always tell people that if you want us to have a one-on-one with

your son or daughter or if you're going to bring them to the office and have a talk about insurance sometimes they listen to us when they listen to their parents

when do you add child to car insurance in 2021
when do you add child to car insurance in 2021

The guy is like the suit and the tie and all that kind of stuff in the office maybe has more of an impact than mom and dad who talked to them all the time right so happy to speak to your child about insurance and help them understand what they can do to help minimize the cost of that.

Okay, number three, you started to get sidetracked. Look at the type of vehicle that your child's going to be driving depending on the number of licensed drivers you have in the household and depending on the

number of cars they're either going to be listed as a primary driver or an occasional driver on a car now we all know that a 16-year-old the brand-new car brand-new expensive car is going to cost a lot more than a 16 year old newly licensed where say like a 1992 Honda

Civic, right not saying you got to get an old Civic but think about the type of car you need to reach for your child.

And that may have a drastic impact on the type of insurance that you have. Okay, number four, this is a big one, and this is something that your newly-licensed driver can control, and that is

maintaining a clean driving record the most significant rating factor for a newly licensed person is what is the driving record

So if they get into an accident, that's their fault, or if they get a ticket, that's it's their fault you're going to see a big bump in their rate, and that's just kind of how it is because they have control over those type of things obey this the traffic laws don't speed all that kind of stuff don't get tickets.

Don't cause accidents. It's going to help you save money on your premium, and then the last thing that we're going to discuss is using an independent agent to shop for your insurance policy, and that's where we come in. This is a shameful flood for us but not just us but any insurance agency out there. Hen, you work with an independent agent. They have options. They have multiple carriers they can shop with, and so they can take your family profile and shop that around.

With various carriers to find the best fit now, we always tell coverage first price second price is significant. Still, it's not important enough to sacrifice suitable contents.

So we want your family's protected we want to make sure that if something goes wrong, you've got the coverage you need to make it right. Then we want to make sure that getting the very best price that we can are the best value for your insurance dollars, so there you go; there are the top five tips if you would like us to sit down and talk to your newly-licensed driver.