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Waves - Complete 12 v07.12.20 STANDALONE / VST / VST3 / AAX / AU [WIN-OSX] x64

Updated: Aug 19

Waves - Complete 12 v07.12.20 STANDALONE / VST / VST3 / AAX / AU [WIN-OSX] x64
Waves - Complete 12 v07.12.20 STANDALONE / VST / VST3 / AAX / AU [WIN-OSX] x64

hey everyone it's Meteoric from freshplugin4u.com and today we're

going to take a look at

the waves version 12 and update from

version 11 and you can update

to the newest version the latest

version 12

for free it's included.

to get version 12. you can get it from freshplugin4u.com for free.

so the new things in version 12 are

basically four things first

you can resize the plugins using this

little box right here

right next to the waves control bar i

can change the interface size from its

standard 100

I can go smaller to 75 all the way up

to 200 percent we're going to leave it

there for a second as we talked about

the next item

the second item retina ready graphics

and this is the big problem for me

with this waves advertises this update

to version 12 as

an upgrade in the graphics to make them

retina ready so

mac high-res display ready even windows

high-res display

ready sharper graphics they claim here's

the problem

The graphics aren't really any sharper i

compared some of the old v11

plugins do i have that i have to some of

the v12 plugins

they're not any sharper some things

about them are sharper for example any

numerical layouts here like you can see

right down here that number that's

sharper than in the old version

the readings on top of the graph here

you can see the hertz

real-time analysis readings up there

they're sharper they look clear

but everything else looks the same just

blown up these

words are still blurry the control knob

numbers on the outside are still blurry

Then look at these on the actual plugin

itself when blown up and this doesn't

seem to be a system specific error

it's not because i'm on mac and this is

happening this seems to be across the


Many people are complaining about it so

it doesn't look like high-res graphics

at all if i get rid of f6 and i go to a

different plug-in that has a lot more

controls in it for example i'll go to

the shep's omni channel

really popular plug-in here's the

standard view

it's got a lot of controls that are tiny

so if i want to blow that up i say go


okay it looks okay but it's pretty

blurry if you look at the ratio attack

and release

finally three plugins were added to

three different bundles so if you've got

the platinum

horizon or diamond bundles low air smack

attack and submarine were added to those

bundles three existing waves plug-ins

i've got the mercury bundle it's in

those already so nothing new here for me

now to just give you a quick overview of

what really updated retina graphics

should have looked like

i've got on the top here two versions of

t-rex eqp1a pultec clone from ik


this is the older version t-racks on the

left and the newer t-rex 5

update on the right so in the older

version you've got kind of blurry





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