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Vital Vocals Soulful Gospel Vocals WAV

Updated: Jun 29

free Vital Vocals Soulful Gospel Vocals WAV
Vital Vocals Soulful Gospel Vocals WAV

Publisher : Vital Vocals

Format : WAV

Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description : Vital Vocals is Soulful Gospel Vocals, a stunning collection of Gospel acapellas recorded by London's Get Gospels Choir. Ready to bring an inspiring soul to your productions, 100% royalty free!

Soulful Gospel Vocals takes the stylistic inspiration and passion of vocalists Soul and Gospel and transports them into a contemporary dance music environment filled with fresh vocal leads for a wide range of productions including House, Future Bass, Downtempo and Drum and Bass.


5 Songs 134 Vocal Adlibs 49 Dry Chorus Vocals 11 Dry Vocal Verses 8 Wet Chorus Vocals 5 Dry Full Acapellas 2 Wet Full Acapellas 2 Wet Vocal Verses