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Vertigo Cello Kontakt Library

Vertigo Cello Kontakt Library
Vertigo Cello Kontakt Library

Vertigo Cello is a melange of 15 finely and carefully selected articulations of the cello. All of these playing techniques can be freely mixed and individually tuned, enabling your vision of cello sound in an intuitive and simple way. The overall sound of Vertigo Cello is characterized by a deep and vibrant string mood with an organic character.


  • Vertigo Cello provides 15 different sound sources: Sustained Cello, Fragile, Sul Pont (all played with one solo Cello as well as Cello trio), Circular, Harmonic, Evoloving Random Bowed in two variations 1+2, Soft- and Hard Tremolo (all played with one solo Cello), Cloud Cello (Cello ran through several modular tools), Resynthesized, Bowed (three cello bwoing) and Leap (random spiccato)

  • deep sonic experience All these sounds result into a wonderful tool to easily achieve inspiring as well as unique cello ensemble as well as texture sounds. It gives you a deep and vibrant sonic experience.

  • 15 pre-defined ensembles in order to get pre-defined ensembles, there are 13 inspiring presets available, giving you a powerful set of sounds to base your compositions upon available randomize let Vertigo go random by using the ‘Dice’ option

  • additional fx beside a tone control there are two control called ‘Fog’ and ‘Retro’ which let the entire instrument sound vintage and rich.

  • six reverb typles beside several different sizes you get special types such as infinite and alaska deep valley

  • MW volume control easy adjustable volume (as well as tone) control by the modwheel

  • Bonus Patch As a bonus we give away a fifth portamento patch with one or four cello in up- or down intervals