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Updated: Jan 10

what's going on today guys weaver beats

here and today we will look at the

UNISON midi loops free download

midi cord pack unison midi cord pack is

uh something that's been

spammed all over youtube for at least a

year now probably longer than that i've

really been paying attention

so basically they advertise that is over

1200 midi files that you can drag and

drop into your daw

and use them to finish songs or make new


honestly i see it being more useful for

people creating new songs

that don't know a lot about theory

because you have access to a bunch of

chords they're all separated by scale

and key

they give you access to extended chords

they do not give you access to voicings

though you're gonna have to do voicings


so this unison midi chord pack cost 67$

But this is free on freshplugin4u.com

which if i'm being honest seems like

kind of a lot for just some midi files

let's look into it and see if it's worth

costing more than scale or two

something that actually teaches you

music theory and may actually help you

learn along the way

so the unison midi chord pack cost 67


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