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Ultrasonic Progressive House Essentials Vol.1

Updated: Aug 9

Ultrasonic – Progressive House Essentials Vol.1
Ultrasonic The King – Progressive House Essentials Vol.1 WAV FLP SBF FXB FXP Size 730 Mb

Ultrasonic – Progressive House Essentials Vol.1

Finally ultrasonic has release new

sample pack if you want to download this amazing sample pack then you can visit freshplugin4u.com. ultrasonic progressive house essentials vol.1 free,

it's a sample bag with almost 400

samples and all of them are royalty-free

so this means that you can use them in

your songs and then just make money with

your songs and there's not a problem you

also have the option to get to project

with this sample bag.

There is one conditions you agree that you are not

gonna export this track and just release

it by yourself and your artist name and

also you're not gonna just make small

changes like 10 so beat the melody and

just use everything at the as it is and

just release the song you not able to do

that but of course what you can do is

learn a lot from those projects you can

see how to use the samples how to cue

them later

You know the sounds how to

mix leads and cores for example in the

project house song and also you can use

this as templates for example in the

process of song what you can do just

change the part of the breakdown since

the plugs change the leading the bases

change the key and change the melody but

at least you have something to start so

for a coming process

I think is something really cool that it's gonna

help a lot as I said this sample has

almost 400 samples and it has a lot of

different kind of samples it has claps

cymbals drum loops feels Percival's

kicks snares priceless mirrors

snaps scene shots bass shots a lot of

different kind of effects

it also has focus and has sounds by

other proofs.

This sample pack contain:-


• Free 200 Sylenth1 Presets

• Free 100 Spire Presets

• Free 435 One Shots & Drum Loops

• Free 5 Project Files for FL Studio 20

Free ultrasonic progressive house sample packs

You can download different Midi Pack from our website

5 Project Files for FL Studio 20

1.Free FL Studio Project File – Mistaken 2.Free FL Studio Project File – Be My Love 3.Free FL Studio Project File – In My Head 4. Free FL Studio Project File – You Are Not Alone 5.Free FL Studio Project File – Last Forever

For the Project Files you will need updated version FL Studio 20.

Ultrasonic – Progressive House Essentials Vol.1


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