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Ultimate Vocal Library Volume 2

Ultimate Vocal Library Volume 2
Ultimate Vocal Library Volume 2

Today i am proud to

present the release of ghost hacks

ultimate vocal library volume 2.

this is one of ghosthack's biggest vocal

packages and it features vocals from

seven different

male and female vocal artists and today

immediately there are audio files so

they will work with every software and

also they are 100 percent

royalty free and you can use them in

your projects to go on

youtube itunes spotify and other

platforms like them so let's open up the

pack and take a look

so immediately upon opening this pack

you see the different kind of files that

are contained here

we have acapellas we have ad-libs one

words and phrases

we have construction kits there are

guitar loops

some video tutorials and vocal chop


so we can start out where the money is

which is in the acapellas

and there are 22 of these by all these

artists the vocalists that we worked

with to create this pack are named ally

dimitri lorena mekki megan

omar and rockley and these people aren't

just random vocalists that we grabbed

off the street these are serious artists

right here racking up millions of plays

on spotify and other platforms

so let's just start off opening up this

first acapella we see that there is the

acapella midi right here that contains

some chord data and we also have these

dry and wet folders now these dry and

wet folders contain the same sounds

except the wet folder contains the

sounds with some room ambience added to

it so it might sound a little more

natural or if you want to add that

yourself of course you can use the dry


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