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Trance Euphoria - Uplifting Sky Trance 2 (MIDI / WAV / SPiRE / SYLENTH1 / ZEBRA)

Publisher of the Vst: Trance Euphoria

Sales website of the Vst: https://www.producerloops.com/

Format of the Vst: MIDI, WAV, SPiRE 1.1 .15+, SYLENTH1 2.21+, ZEBRA 2.8.0+

Quality of the Vst: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description of the Vst: "Uplifting Sky Trance 2" by Trance Euphoria includes 20 kits, WAV and MIDI loops, plus presets for Spire, Sylenth and Zebra 2 These songstarters are an excellent start to your next track, or are often an excellent addition to your existing projects.

Each kit includes all drum parts in processed and dry versions of the loops for total flexibility and creativity. All MIDI parts are included, also as a mixing demo for every kit. The folder structure is assumed out for simple use. Each set gives you song ideas to kickstart your next Trance hit, including arps, guitars, acid, bass, chords, plaks, solos, and pads.

MIDI files are an excellent source of inspiration and also offer you complete control over your sound.


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