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TrakTrain Neo Warrior WAV

TrakTrain Neo Warrior WAV
TrakTrain Neo Warrior WAV

Traktrain presents the “Neo Warrior” Sample Pack with 310 samples of various instruments. It contains bass, drum, melody loops, and various one-shots. This kit is perfect for making New School, Grime, and Phonk. However, it will also shine in such genres as Trap, Trip-Hop, and even EDM.

The code of the Warrior remains the same, it’s just the setting that’s changed.


For rappers looking for instrumentals with an extra side of haze, many turn to Traktrain’s community of 10,000 artists for experimental, lo fi, and chill atmospheres that characterize their library. Now, artists from TrakTrain step forward and bring their palette of sounds for the Splice community to explore. With truth to their motto, hop aboard the TrakTrain and create the tracks that’ll make your mark.


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