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Tokyo Dawn Records - Bundle VST, VST3, AAX x86 x64 (NO INSTALL, SymLink Installer)

Tokyo Dawn Records
Tokyo Dawn Records - Bundle VST, VST3

Tokyo Dawn Records - Bundle (NO INSTALL, SymLink Installer)

the TDR nova from Tokyo down records it.

looks like this it's a parallel dynamic

equalizer so it's it's an EQ which can

be dynamic with a blend button with a

mix button right ok so we've got a few

images with just peering in the familiar

layout of the parametric equalizer each

band also includes a full-featured

dynamics section allowing the processor

to cover an in Pressley wide range of

applications via the master lacking

densities during those bla bla bla bla


so in practice the processor covers

a whole bucket of tasks parallel

equalization dynamic Equalization

frequency frequency selective

compression loads well compression white

band compression of course Nova features

all helpers and workflow enhancements

blahdy blahdy blah so it's an all-in-one

plugin actually what what does it cost

coz coz coz coz coz goes no price it's

free no price no price name so it is

freedom is this thing free damn it if

this thing is free

a little forceps filter pro-q it's a game

button and also you know open my digits

URLs there's also a Q factor is there a

keyboard shortcut for that no okay so to

be clear it's got four bands a pure pro

q has got unlimited pads but still it's

free plug it so four bands and we can do

multiple selections with it and I was

going to separate a high pass and low

pass filter yes handy okay so this is

really it's really easy plug-in to use


and I'm also always boosting the top

highs to check how good it is I have to

say can be a bit more Airy it's a bit

harsh fabfilter doesn't have that and

analogue of course doesn't have that so

it's not the most smooth sounding EQ but

still it's free which is strange it does

have the does it have does an analyzer

does it also have mid site process

it's got mid/side processing but you can

configure it in mid or shy so not both

at the same time Nova is a handy tool

box with all kind of stuff in it and

because it's free it's always handy to

just have it installed

if you're

starting and if you don't want to spend

any money and replacing your stock

plugins it could be nice to start out

with this one it's very handy and it's

got a lot of features a lot of built in

from normal VW's don't even have so

I will link it below check it out

you can download it from freshplugin4u.com

click on PROMO

Total compression | TDR Kotelnikov | RMS - compression


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