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Strezov Sampling - WOTAN Male Choir (Player Edition) (KONTAKT)


download for free Strezov Sampling - WOTAN Male Choir (Player Edition)
Strezov Sampling - WOTAN Male Choir (Player Edition)

Publisher : Strezov Sampling

Website : Strezov Sampling

Format : KONTAKT

Quality : 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Description : Starting July 20th, we are proud to announce that all of our Next Generation Choir series products will be coded for Free Kontakt Player and will also be supported by the NKS control standard. In addition to this, each choir will receive one major free update adding performance fixes as well as new features and minor improvements over the coming weeks. Each week there will be a different choir in the spotlight.

The first in line is the male choir WOTAN.

Requires Native Instruments Kontakt Player or Kontakt FULL v5.7.1 and higher!

What´s News

Changelog: - Full NKS and Kontakt Player Support - Update to the latest version of Syllabuilder engine with the latest functions - Powerful Performance patch based on the engine of the one in Storm Choir Ultimate - Velocity Dynamic Influencer - Panning and stereo spread controls on each microphone position - Advanced options for the Legato patches (niente, sustain pedal notes, remapping of controls) - GUI changes - Updated in-patch Manual - Minor tweaks and improvements

Additional Information

About WOTAN After spending three years exploring various methods to sample choirs Strezov Sampling finally brings to you the next generation of virtual choirs. Focusing on one of the most iconic choir timbres of the last decades in the history of film soundtracks - The Khazad-dûm male choir - Wotan is the ultimate box of tools to evoke the sound of a long forgotten kingdom. Comprised of ten tenors and ten basses (including basso profundos), all part of many choir recording sessions for artists like Two Steps from Hell, and recorded in the Sofia Session Studio Wotan is the perfect addition to the critically acclaimed StormChoir range adding a whole new layer of dimension and detail.

Syllabuilder Engine 3.5 When it comes to virtual choirs there are basically two approaches: Phrasebulding (StormChoir series) and Wordbuilding (Rhodope series). Wotan combines the simplicity and sample recording of phrasebuilding with the advanced editing functions of wordbuilding. This allows you to have amazing sounding results within seconds, but also to build and create new sample content with only few mouse-clicks. Create complete choral patterns inside the GUI or connect different syllables and morph them to add motion to your choir arrangements. Save and Load complete lyric presets to quickly get yourself into the actual composition or enhance your setup with predefined quick words.

All samples have their natural attacks included. However if you want to tighten them up the Syllabuilder Engine allows you to set custom attack, release, volume and offset values ​​for each field independently. Something completely new and greatly missed in all phrasebuilding choir libraries. Revolutionary Agile Legato Although there are many reasons WOTAN justifies to be called a next-gen library the biggest of them all is the brand new Agile Legato. Uncountable hours of work went into creating this brandnew technique of combining true legato sampling with our Syllabuilding approach. Agile Legato not only allows the user to play legato with every syllable availabe in the library, but also features intelligent voice leading enabling polyphonic writing within just one patch. In other words: Hold down a chord in the left, play a melody with your right hand and have it all connected with legato transitions. This powerful feature is controllable by the most common of all midi cc controllers, the sustain pedal.

In addition to the Agile Legato WOTAN also features polyphonic true legato patches (Ah, Mm and Oh) for both tenors and basses, which gives you tons of flexibility when it comes to writing legato lines. Overview: - 10 GB compressed and optimized sample content - Instant Lord of the Rings sound! - Separate recordings of ten tenors and ten basses - The lowest basses ever sampled (Kontra G) - 8 Polyphonic True Legato Patches (Ah, Oh, Mhm and MhmOhAh) for Tenors and Basses - 8 powerful syllables recorded within 3 dynamic layers - Sustain ( 1xRR) and Staccato (2xRR) samples - 3 mic positions - Close, Decca, Hall + custom convolution reverb - Whispers and Shouts with multiple RRs recorded for all syllables - Bonus sample content - 3 types of clusters recorded for tenors and basses within 3 dynamic layers! - The powerful Syllabuilder engine with CONNECT and MORPH modes that allow you to create your own sample content within Kontakt - Ability to Load and Save your lyrics, built-in preset manager - Integrated Help - Combined and premixed men patch - Lite patches for composers who don't need all features of the library




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