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Spitfire Audio - Symphonic Woodwinds (KONTAKT) 66.38 GB

Spitfire Audio - Symphonic Woodwinds (KONTAKT) 66.38 GB

Spitfire Audio - Symphonic Woodwinds (KONTAKT) 66.38 GB

Publisher of this Kontakt : Spitfire Audio

Website of this Kontakt: https://www.spitfireaudio.com/

Format of this Kontakt: KONTAKT 5.5.1 +

Quality of this Kontakt: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Description: hi there this is Meteoric from

Freshplugin4u.com I'm going to show you

today spitfire symphonic woodwinds this

is the new library which is a

condensation of all of the BML woodwind

libraries it's got tons of great extra

content though so there's nearly 30% ofextra content in terms of articulations

this core package of the library

contains the clothes tree and ambient

mics so it's everything that you really

need to get a nice kind of wide variety

of mixed sounds and there will be an

expansion pack to this library which

contains stereo mixes and also

additional microphones so I'm going to

jump straight in we're really excited

about this the whole libraries we

recorded at air studios in the hall

we've got some incredible players really

really super blue talented players in

this library.

so From traditional piccolos, flutes, oboes, clarinets and bassoons to modern instruments, from viola, bass flutes, bass clarinets, contrabass clarinets and thunderous contrabassoon, this timeless collection will add depth and color to your orchestral compositions.


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