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Spectrasonics - Omnisphere 2

Updated: Aug 8

Spectrasonics - Omnisphere 2 Software Update v2.6.4c STANDALONE / VSTi / AAX / AUi x64 [Win-Mac]
Spectrasonics - Omnisphere 2 Software Update v2.6.4c STANDALONE / VSTi / AAX / AUi x64 [Win-Mac]

he's going to share a little

bit with us about omnisphere 2.6

and you will get omnisphere v2.6 for free Download this is

a new update to honest fear that we're

super excited what's new and omnisphere 2.6 well we've got a

couple of really big things that were

showing one of the things that we're

showing here is the expanded arpeggiator

which I'm gonna get to in a second we've

got a whole bunch of really great new

features that are in there and we've

also expanded our hardware synth

integration so we now have 30 new

additional hardware since supported

which brings the total to 60 since now

You get even supported some since that are

go pretty far back in the days of MIDI

like the Juno 106 which actually does

send out many system exclusive messages

when you move the sliders or touch any

of the buttons that are here and that

could be used to control on the omnisphere

same with the D 50 over here the roland

d50 using the PG 1000 programmer kind of

a rare bird on that one.

the Alesis Andromeda a6 and the nord leaves just a

bunch of cents a number of cents that

people were asking about as well one of

the cool things about hardware Sims

integration is that even if you don't

have one of the hardware synths when you

get this upgrade you're getting all

these great new patches that use

waveforms and sounds that were from

those original hardware since so even if

you're not a hardware synth user you're

gonna love this update because you're

gonna bunch new sounds that come with it

so let's talk a little bit about the

arpeggiator that's in here

you know the arpeggiator has been a

feature that a lot of people have loved

inside of Cracked omnisphere with version 2.6

we've taken the arpeggiator and we've

greatly expanded it so we now have these

step modifiers which allow you to do

something where I'm just gonna call up

one of the presets and what we're gonna

have a number of presets when the

arpeggiator is when the omnisphere 2.6 is shipping

which is going to be marched by the way

and it's gonna be a free update so when

shipping you'll have a whole ton of


Let's look at these step

modifiers here and I'm just gonna call

up something let's say this might work

so as you can see the right right away

things look a little bit different if

you've used arpeggiator before you can

see that there's some some things going

on up here that are different so these

are step modifiers and what

that allows you to do as per step you

can decide if you want to add things

like a slide or note slide or glide per


So I can actually define a separate

speed of that slide per step I can even

do it over tied steps or legato notes so

I can slide to different pitches within

a legato note I can also select chords

and different chord voicings and

inversions per step so if I'm even just

holding down a simple chord and I'm just

gonna make the sound not mono at the

moment so and let's take that arpeggio

and lengthen things out a bit

Let's get a different one of a meeting

here let's try another one with some of

these risers really just holding down a

couple of keys and you're hearing that

it's going through different chord

inversions and voicings so it's really

really inspirational you can do a lot of

stuff with that let's also talk about

some of the other step modifiers here we

have the ability to choose step dividers

so that sort of like allows you to take

a step and repeat it a few times that

could be triplet could be double time

could be quadruple time before it moves

on to the next step so you want to hear

that we get little patterns and changes

that happen in there we also have the



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