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Spectrasonics – Omnisphere 2 + Keyscape + Trilian + Stylus RMX (VSTi, RTAS, AAX, AU) [WiN-OSX x64]

Updated: Aug 8

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we're super excited to share omnisphere

- with you guys so this is version 2 has something

for everyone whether you love designing

your own sounds or you just enjoy the

awesome library it comes with since

there's literally thousands of new

possibilities we're just going to show a

few of them here

ok let's dive into the new synthesis

features because you can design your own

original sound creations at a whole new

level a big reason for this is because

you can now even use your own audio and

Amna sphere alright let's take some

mixes from a jazz project and drag those

in alright I'm going to click OK and

close the browser and let's take this

original audio and we'll transform it

into a texture with the powerful new

granular synthesis algorithm we've added

let's turn it into a rhythmic sound I

change the position it'll change which

part of the track is being affected

next let's use a different section of

the song that has a horn part in it okay

now I'm going to reverse that and let's

turn the granular on

we can even radically change it into a

synth sound granular has a new wild mode

which turns the audio into pure insanity


and here's the original again

not everyone realizes that omnes fear

can create purely synthetic sounds

without using samples at all in version

two we've expanded the DSP synth

oscillators from four waveforms to more

than 400 not only is there a huge

variety but each one is actually now a

morphing wave table with vast new

possibilities and colors

a patch can have up to 10 oscillators

and each oscillator can have a different

wave table Unison's been improved with

new analog drift behavior which makes it

sound huge let's check it out without it

and with it both FM and ring mod can go

much deeper now

and we have eight wonderful sounding new


and there are more modulation options

than ever which opens up so many new

custom sound possibilities okay so let's

talk about the library now we've

actually increased the total number of

sounds and omnisphere to well over ten

thousand sounds that means there are

over 3,000 cutting-edge brand new

patches sound sources and multis that

vastly expand what you can do musically

and sonically

we have a whole new

omnisphere EDM patch library included

which features only optimized patches

for electronic producers but it's not

just new patches of course version 2 has

an incredible array of fascinating new

sound sources we're always on a quest to

find and sample the most unique and

unheard sounds since this is the core of

ominous fears special organic kind of

sonic identity we call this approach

psycho acoustic sampling and after years

of experimentation

Keyscape® – Collector Keyboards


we're thrilled to

announce that on the sphere 2 includes

many new psycho acoustic sound sources

our team has developed in a wide variety

of interesting new ways the cyclic oosik

sampling we always look for the rarest

instruments and objects that haven't

been sampled before once we have them

we'll find all kinds of ways to bow

pluck strike blow and excite them to

emit new Tambor's acoustically we use

objects like electric toothbrushes sugar

packets pills coins zip ties and fishing

line to play them in highly

unconventional way

this time our journey even took us to a

secret radioactive cavern in Eastern


STYLUS RMX XPANDED Hi there and welcome to Freshplugin4u.com review for stylus RMX I'm going to be

taking you through stylus RMX version

1.8 1.7 was introduced added the new time designer and a

whole lot of other new features and 1.8

that includes a completely new

automation system to make automating rmx

easier from within your sequencer and so

we're going to take a look at all sorts

of abilities of rmx not everything if

you need to know everything about our MX

spectrasonics net

you just a really quick overview for

those of you that haven't seen our MX

All grooves created using this power

pack that I've created the stylus RMX

1.8 when 1.7 and 1.8 came out there's no

new multis there no new drum kits

there's no new there are some new time

designer templates that i've they

created down here and a few up here in

the right here but with the plugin of

Google power pack you've got all of

these straight moves and you have all

these swingin grooves to play with as

well as 40 new drum kits there's a whole

bunch of new multis grouped by ambient

break beat film Club pops and time

signature including things like techno

waltzes and techno hip-hop and stuff

like that and 7/8 progressive rock why

not and finally parts this is an area

that's never been supported by

spectrasonics just because they made

multis instead but once you see how to

use it when you go open part you have

with the plugin googoo power pack you've

got 100 parts and what this does is this

will load into a single one of these

eight channels and rmx in the middle of

working on a song in the middle of

production and all of a sudden you go oh

man I really need to have like a Congo

with nice reverb so you go down here to

the mixes

and mix wheat kangana room sweet shaker

sweet dambo there's also you pitch

things there's noise things and then

there's all these filtering chaos things

but you just need a little something

weird in the background of your groove

they're there for you to open up play

with and I've got a couple tricks to

show you that will just open up

massively what what you can do withthose there's new drum loops coming out Skippy's got new drum loop now they'll

be coming out probably by June so if you don't that if you're not up-to-date go to plugin guru calm and in the top right corner


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