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Sonic Academy Ultimate FX 3 WAV

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Sonic Academy Ultimate FX

Ultimate FX 3 is the latest instalment in our incredible collection of multi genre effects. Over 2 years in the making, this is our largest FX Sample Pack yet.

Packed with over 1.4Gb of hi-quality production tools, from sweeps and risers, to construction kits and drops; the Ultimate FX 3 pack is ready to be dropped straight in to your next killer production.


26 x Atmos 76 x Reverb Hits 20 x Construction Kits 35 x Crashes 36 x Drops 11 x Fills 69 x Glitch Effects 20 x Glitch Loops 30 x Glitches 20 x Noise sweeps 10 x Phased Risers 90 x Reverse Risers 14 x Ultra Risers 44 x Shorts Ups 49 x Spot Effects 1.4GB of massive effects