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Solid State Logic Fusion Stereo Image v1.0.21


download for free Solid State Logic Fusion Stereo Image v1.0.21-R2R
Solid State Logic Fusion Stereo Image v1.0.21-R2R

The Stereo Image Plug-in brings Fusion's mid-side circuit to your DAW. Acclaimed for its natural sounding, 3D enhancing capabilities, Stereo Image Plug-in allows you to fine-tune the width, depth and space around your sounds, instruments, vocals and entire mix.

The Stereo Image Plug-in is modelled on the mid-side processing circuit from the SSL Fusion stereo outboard hardware processor. This true-analogue circuit utilizes a technique that separates a stereo signal into two channels: a sum (L+R) for the sounds in the center (Mid) and a difference signal (L-R) for the sounds on the left and right (Side) allowing you to narrow or widen the stereo image using the WIDTH control.

The SPACE circuit is a frequency-dependent width control based on the concept of Stereo Shuffling, allowing you to inject interesting depth effects into your mix. Stereo Image Plug-in exposes a brand-new SHUFFLE control for changing the frequency cut-off in the SPACE circuit, allowing you to add weight and presence or carve space in the stereo field.

Key Features:

Modelled on the SSL Fusion Stereo Image processor.

Based on EMI engineer Alan Blumlein's invention of modern stereo in 1931: Stereo Shuffling.

WIDTH control lets you increase the level of the side signal to narrow or widen the stereo image.

SPACE control allows you to experiment with a broad bass-frequency boost or cut in the side signal.

SHUFFLE parameter allows additional tweaking to the frequency cut-off in the SPACE circuit.

Visualise the stereo image of the signal using the polar sample plot vector scope.

Use SOLO SIDE to audition the stereo component of the signal.

M/S monitoring.

Modelled using a combination of real-life measurements, analogue circuit designs, and close collaboration with the original analogue designers of the SSL FUSION hardware.

Preset management and A/B-ing system.

Comes loaded with presets from world-class producers and engineers, including: Adrian Hall, Alan Moulder, Caesar Edmunds, Charlie Holmes, Michael Brauer, Romesh Dodangoda and Sean Divine.




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