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Softube - Trident A-Range v2.5.9 VST, VST3, AAX x64 [01.2021]

Updated: Jan 9

hello and welcome to Freshplugin4u.com we are going to see softube plugins I am meteoric and today I'm gonna be taking a look at the

trident a range discrete equalizer by

soft tube now this is an emulation of an

EQ found in a legendary but very rare

trident a range desk now I've never

tried that desk so I'm not going to be

able to tell you if this is an absolute

hardcore emulation

however soft tube are absolutely

brilliant at doing these kind of things

so with that let me show you around the

GUI so we've got four fixed bands of EQ

in the middle here

You can see that there are all the way from 50 Hertz

8150 we've got low mids upper mids and

highs each of its own horizontal fader

positive negative and filters either

side so we got high pass or low cut

however you want to word it and low pas

on the left there or high cut

I've got phase switch and a post

saturation so whatever we do here with

the eq's like say boost that's going to

be affected towards the saturation which

we can either sort of pull back on or

increase and right at the end of this

we've got an output volume so you can

level match depending on if we're

boosting or cutting it's a very simple

EQ plug-in

softube saturation knob free download , let's see the high-pass

we can engage all of these if we want

shut down here

dropping out the low end

about 12 km

and low-pass the topic 15

softube saturation knob crack free download push the saturation

a little bit of weight let's say about


before and after

okay so let's now try this on some

acoustic guitar

the Holy presets in here

and it does help just give it a little

bit of poke in the top ends

sounds great

let's move over to the drums and see if

we can help bring them out a little bit


that's well pain

about there and add a little bit of sub

down at hundred Hertz

and saturation you can see it highlight

in there

Senate them

it's quite smooth Sammy saturations it's

not brittle

so what my final thoughts on the Trident

a range discrete equalizer plug-in by

soft tube or quite like it for a few

reasons first being if you haven't

already noticed I've got it running on

DSP that being my Pro Tools HDX rig

which is great because I'm a bit short

from honest of HDX plugins so this is

great I'll be using this in tracking an

ax mixing at low latency it's taking me

a little bit of time to get used to the

faders being horizontal but you know I'm

getting used to it it's not a big niggle

and the saturation is sweet to my ears

It's quite subtle but yeah that's a good

thing because it's very easily overdone

saturation and I do like these filters

it's nice that we can engage one or all

it does go quite a long way to cleaning

up your mixes just using these filters

alone have you guys got something from

that go get yourself the demo have a

play for yourself and let us know your

thoughts on the tried and a range in the

comments below

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