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Updated: Sep 18

Xfer Records Serum

Xfer serum free download, so today Savior Steve Dude has released an update for Xfer a serum and let me tell you this update is massive no not that kind of massive this is just a gimmicky skin .So listen I'm gonna show you the five most interesting updates from Xfer serum so the possibility of doing x and y automation on the points of the LFO it's super interesting because you can create some incredibly experimental sounds but you can also tweak some sounds which are pretty interesting on their own and by the way if you like this out as always you're gonna find a link to download them form Freshplugin4u.com

here's you can see here these points are modulated in the X and y-axis you can assign let's say a mackerel or you can assign an LFO and it's gonna move on its own so let's say that you want to create this movement you can add a point here and you can either drag and drop the macro here on the X&Y let's say we want to move it on the Y right so we do this and what is playing see it's moved like this and you can do the same thing both the X pretty straightforward or you can assign an LFO to do the same thing so this is pretty cool because you can have so many modulations and create something really experimental and sort of like say generative music but then you can also have it synced on tempo.

you know the possibilities are endless here here's another sound where which actually illustrates the second most interesting property in my opinion which is of course also the possibility to dream the input and output level of each effects of reasons here but this cake that you have created so you kind of boost the tail and push the attack a little bit down well I've done this off this envelope and of course before you could have assigned this to you the amp of these oscillators which go through the effects but then is not as easy as controlling the overall up with which is what we're gonna do here

so if you just click on the mix a parameter of any effect it becomes level so you can gain stage the steam the signal throughout every effect there's a super useful so you can actually make this shape up the way you want it Manuel here let me change it just to give you an idea of they're gonna do something weird see if I just do something like this instead

so this is uh another parameter it's it's very useful not just for making let's say volume changes like that you want to make si style cake I did it before but now it's even easier but you can even let say tweak sounds and make sure that it's not clicking as hard and maybe just evolve over time there's so much tech which is going to come out in the next month I know this already and speaking of like processing and exporting and all that well if you're into tweaking oh do rather than presets well I said we'll press your the G key okay

so this is a kick from them demolition serum pack and once you find a same preset that you like or you create a preset that you like you can go here on the top left part of the screen and you can drag and drop this in your GIW and it sounds exactly like the preset now I think that you should keep in mind is that um it's exporting the last note which was played on a keyboard and it doesn't count the piano roll so you either have to press a key and keep it pressed for the duration that you want to export it a sample with your midi controller or your keyboard if you set it to a midi controller but not the piano roll because that doesn't count so just so you know now on the fourth update which i think is mostly interesting for a serum is the possibility to actually create some random notes start parameter

so you can again let's say control the y axis of this LFO but every time that implies the LFO is gonna find itself with different settings for each of these points now you're gonna see for yourself as you can see here this LFO every time that a node starts it's modifying the y-axis for all this parameters of course it's not the most idea for consistency so I wouldn't do this on a cake but if you want to do some generative glitch music or you want a sound to be more organic less mechanic

so it's gonna be different every time that it plays well this is a way so it's four v final change I would say that one of the most interesting things here it's the possibility to actually automate the delay and rise of the LFO so before yes you could change it manually yes you could create

xfer serum crack, let's say you know the channel which is going to be recording whatever you do here but you could not automate it but now let's say if you go here and you press a C Wow now this parameter can be fully automated okay so this is the fifth and final change which came of the X version or update as always if you like this video there's more of it from where it came from we have a lot of free tutorials on from an audio command we have even more free downloads and patches which you can check for yourself so that's it for this video I'm the ruler you're awesome let's go produce a music

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