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Revealed Japan Vol. 1


free Revealed Japan Vol. 1
Revealed Japan Vol. 1

Publisher : Revealed Recordings

Website : revealedrecordings.com


Quality : 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Description : Welcome to Revealed Japan Vol. one; fusion of traditional and cultural sounds of Japan combined with the sound of Revealed.

We strive to embrace the musical diversity of the Revealed family, spanning the world. And the first country in our global series showcasing sounds from around the world is Japan.

Revealed by Japan Vol. 1 is a collection of 795 samples and 128 presets for Sylenth1 to give your tracks that signature Revealed sound with a Japanese influence.

Whether you're looking for kicks, gongs, percussion, drum loops, an impressive effects section, or an extensive collection of Japanese vocals, you'll find it all here. To speed up the workflow, all samples are tagged with their root key if a discernible pitch is defined.

Plus, you'll find 128 inspiring Japanese presets for Sylenth1 to give your music an authentic and original look. As always, mod wheels are assigned to each preset to give you additional sonic parameters and options when trying to find the right sound to complete your track.


CLAPS [10 samples] DRUM LOOPS (128 BPM) [50 samples] EFFECTS [140 samples] Atmosphere [10 samples] Downlifters [10 samples] Impacts [10 samples] Instrument FX [35 samples] Kumi-Daiko Reverb Hits [50 samples] Punches [15 samples] Sub Booms [5 samples] Uplifters [5 samples ] FILLS (128 BPM) [10 samples] GONGS [20 samples) Gong Crashes [10 samples] Gong Rides [10 samples] HIHATS [50 samples] Closed Hihats [25 samples] Open Hihats [25 samples] INSTRUMENTS [80 samples] Instrument Loops [15 samples] KICKS [95 samples] Kicks [20 samples] Taiko Festival Kicks [10 samples] Taiko Stomps [15 samples] Taiko Transients [50 samples] PERCUSSION [75 samples] SNARES [20 samples] Kiai Snares [10 samples] VOCALS [245 samples] Extras [11 samples] Hiragana [104 samples] Kiai [10 samples] Female Vocals [50 samples] Male Vocals [70 samples] SYLENTH1 SOUNDSET 128 Japanese-sounding / inspired presets for Sylenth1