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Revealed Guitar Essentials Vol. 2

FREE Revealed Guitar Essentials Vol. 2
Revealed Guitar Essentials Vol. 2

Publisher : Revealed Recordings

Format : WAV

Quality : 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Description : Revealed Guitar Essentials Vol. 2 is a collection of guitar samples and loops ready for use on your next Revealed track.

Acoustic, electric, muted and nylon guitars are sampled one note at a time, so you can generate any chord and rhythm you want. The end result is an inspiring collection of authentic sounding guitars. Whether you want to play existing guitar rhythms or compose your own chord progressions, it's all here.


REV-GE2 Guitar Shots

REV-GE2 Acoustic Guitar Chords[24 samples]

REV-GE2 Electric Guitars Chords [24 samples]

REV-GE2 Muted Guitars Chords [24 samples]

REV-GE2 Nylon Guitars Chords [24 samples]

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