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Revealed FX Tools Vol. 2

FREE Revealed FX Tools Vol. 2
Revealed FX Tools Vol. 2

Publisher : Revealed Recordings

Format : WAV, SPIRE

Quality : 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Description : Revealed FX Tools Vol. 2 was designed to give you a creative edge. Divided into 19 categories, you will discover a wide collection of alarms, clocks, shocks, winds, lasers and more; so that you can give your next track an original sound.

To top it off, we've added 32 Tonal Risers for the Spire so you can shape and tweak your own effects just the way you want. Each preset additionally comes with modulation wheel assignments, which have all 4 macros programmed to give you additional sound parameters and options when trying to find the right sound to complete your track.


AIRPLANES [5 samples] ALARMS [5 samples] CAMERAS [4 samples] CLOCKS (128 BPM) [10 samples] CRASH SWEEP (128 BPM) [15 samples] DOOR BELLS [6 samples] DUB FX (128 BPM) [25 samples] FARTS [18 samples] FLANGER RISERS (128 BPM) [15 samples] IMPACTS (128 BPM) [15 samples] LASERS [5 samples] METRONOME (128 BPM) [3 samples] NOISE [5 samples] NOISE SWEEPS (128 BPM) [10 samples] SUB DROPS [5 samples] TONAL RISERS (128 BPM) [10 samples] TONAL RISERS SPIRE SOUNDSET [32 presets] VOCAL STUTTERS (128 BPM) [10 samples] WHISTLES [3 samples] WIND-UPS (128 BPM) [6 samples]

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