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Reveal Sound - Spire 1.5.6 VSTi, AAX x86 x64 [01.2021]

Reveal Sound - Spire 1.5.6 VSTi, AAX x86 x64
Reveal Sound - Spire 1.5.6 VSTi, AAX x86 x64

Today we're checking out Reveal Sound - Spire 1.5.6 VSTi now this

is free to download on freshplugin4u.com, you can get the crack of spire vst for free download

and has stood the test of time because

it's still one of the most talked about

since it's still at the top of the lists

and it still sounds absolutely

phenomenal, just walk you through what it's

capable of I mean that's absolutely ridiculous so

sounds so good this is just a preset

called Munich and that I found right

in the soundbank and I just flipped this open and

Wow I just flipped it off.

so it looks like you get 128 presets

with this but that isn't even close

because this is one Bank and if you come

over here to the menu you can select

from any of these eight banks right here

so I mean 128 doesn't even scratch the

surface I pop over here to something

like Bank 3 we've got another 128 right

here and again I mean we've got strings

pads plucks drums so on there's some

sequences in here somewhere too.

so super dope let me see if I can find

those sequences because I think they

were pretty cool too I think it was in

that yeah so we got sequences right here

so it's capable of quite a lot and if

you come down here you can actually see

the step sequencer there's an

arpeggiator as well built-in and tons of

functionality wrapped up inside of this thing.

so let me just walk you through Reveal Sound - Spire 1.5.6 VSTi

what's inside of it

the main drivers here are the four

oscillators and if you come over it's

really cool because you can load up a

shape right here and if you look you say

well wait a minute that's not a lot of

different shapes but if I load the

classic right here I can then choose

from these wave tables essentially or

wave shapes and let's say I want a

guitar then I can actually mix between

the guitar so if I'm at wet right here

I'm at the guitar shape 100% but I can

actually mix between that classic shape

with that guitar shape and anywhere in

between so this might be better on

something like a plug that's like on a

piano and what we need to do is maybe

turn off these other oscillators

so you can see here we're really

changing up the sound by morphing

between those different wave shapes the

other thing I'd like to point out is

these control a and control B actually

are different depending on which wave

shapes you're choosing so they're gonna

be able to they're actually going to be

changing up and that's why they're just

called control a it's gonna be different

for different different patches we can

control the octave you can do the

fine-tuning here as well double clicking

anything sets it back to the original

state okay

so after that we've got some

detuning and density we have unison mode

we can actually put up to nine different

voices here we can spread those voices

out differently depending on what we

choose here and let me actually jump

into the envelope so this envelope by

default is going to be controlling the

cutoff from the first filter up here you

actually get two of them so that what I

did they were just make sure the sustain

was on a little bit so we could hear it

kind of play out and it's a better way

to hear the kind of unison mode over


so that's nine voices spread over


three octaves you can see here we got a

bunch of different choices so I'm gonna

go back to one else one octave for a

second drop it back down now you also

have polyphony right now it's in poly we

also have mono and we have four

different types and it kind of gives you

an idea of what each one of those types

is portamento and legato flow or REIT

rigor and here we have polyphonic

portamento and legato

the glide control is over here.


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