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Reveal Sound - Spire 1.5.6 VST

Reveal Sound - Spire 1.5.6 VSTi Free Download
Reveal Sound - Spire 1.5.6 VSTi

Reveal Sound - Spire 1.5.6 VSTi, AUi x64 [iNTEL] [PATCH COMMAND]

Released of this sample: 01.2021

Version of this sample: 1.5.6

Developer of this sample: Reveal Sound

Platform: iNTEL

Interface language of this sample: English

Tablet of this sample: patcher

System requirements of this sample: Mac OS X 10.7

Description: Download this Vst for free on freshplugin4u.com. Its only for Mac Users, Reveal Sound was founded by musicians and programmers in 2009 to create first-class audio plugins. The goal is to prove that the sound of software synthesizers to give high quality sound. We are constantly improving our algorithms to achieve the perfect result.


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