Records - Serum 1.334 VSTi, AUi x64 (macOS)

Updated: Nov 24, 2021


download for free Records - Serum 1.334 VSTi, AUi x64 (macOS)
Records - Serum 1.334 VSTi, AUi x64 (macOS)

Release year : 03/12/2021

Version : 1.334

Developer : Xfer Records

Developer site : xferrecords

Platform : iNTEL

Format : VSTi, AUi

Interface language : English

Tablet : present (patched tool + serial)

System requirements : CPU with SSE2 \ Mac OS X 10.8 or greater

Description : Juicy pads. Hard bass. Liontooth solos. Find your contemporary sound in the critically acclaimed Wavetable Synthesizer.

A dream synthesizer that doesn't seem to exist before: a wavetable synthesizer with really high quality sound, a visual and creative interface focused on a workflow to make creating and modifying sounds fun, not tedious, and the ability to "go deeper" if you want - create / import / edit / transform wave tables and manage them during playback in real time.

Wave Machine - Serum allows you to create creative sounds with an intuitive sound design layout, custom drawn or imported waveforms, and real-time wavetable animation.

Modular modulation- Drag-and-drop routing makes it easy to create complex modulations. Add LFOs or curves to spice up any part of the sound, including effects.

Flexible Effects - Add pepper to your patches with any combination of ten built-in effects. Change the order of the signal chain to optimize the sound. Add reverb, compression, phasing, distortion, Xfer Dimension expander and more.

So much to start - Serum includes 450 presets and 144 wavetables, categorized from ambient to apocalyptic. Always stay inspired!

New in version

fix: default noise file would not sound on init startup (new Serum instances) in some situations fix: bipolar modulators on text controls could appear as clipped (red blip visible) when not out of range fix: text font scaling on preferences add: clicking on overlapping LFO points on the right edge will now select the left one.





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