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Re-Style Sound of Rapture V.1

free Re-Style Sound of Rapture V.1
Re-Style Sound of Rapture V.1

Publisher : 789ten.com


Quality : 16/32 bit 44.1 kHz mono / stereo

Description : Famed as the "youngest" hardcore veteran, Re-Style is known to have produced hit after hit, impacting the scene with its huge product flow. His signature style has become popular with producers around the world.

As a key producer of modern hardcore and its development, Re-Style has created many anthems for such significant events as Masters of Hardcore, Toxicator and Harmony of Hardcore.

We are delighted to welcome him to the 789ten family, with an extremely unique, unlike any other set of analog producers.

With a passion for high quality sound and impeccably blended sounds, Re-Style creates an arsenal of sounds from the ground up with its collection of analog equipment. While most people don't have access to such a large collection of cars, this package aims to remove that hurdle.


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