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Protocol Presents: Nicky Romero Sample Pack Vol. 1 WAV

Updated: Apr 25

Protocol Presents: Nicky Romero Sample Pack
Protocol Presents: Nicky Romero Sample Pack

Publisher : Splice Sounds

Format : WAV

Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description : Nicky Romero (Nick Rottewell) is without doubt one of the most influential performers in contemporary electronic dance music. He is responsible for the creation of high-profile hits such as "Toulouse" and "I Could Be The One", as well as for the creation of the famous record label Protocol Recordings. Explore these audio blocks of his iconic sound in this unique sample pack.


79 LOOPS 178 ONE SHOTS NICKY_ROMERO_build_up_drums \ NICKY_ROMERO_drum_fills \ NICKY_ROMERO_drum_loops \ NICKY_ROMERO_hihat_loops \ NICKY_ROMERO_claps \ NICKY_ROMERO_cymbals \ NICKY_ROMERO_kicks \ NICKY_ROMERO_percussion \ NICKY_ROMERO_snares \

FX NICKY_ROMERO_ambience_one_shots \ NICKY_ROMERO_clap_one_shots \ NICKY_ROMERO_impacts_one_shots \ NICKY_ROMERO_risers_one_shots \ NICKY_ROMERO_white_noise_one_shots \ NICKY_ROMERO_bass_one_shots \ NICKY_ROMERO_chord_loops \ NICKY_ROMERO_synths \

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