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[Overlays] CinePacks - FREE Paint FX Sample Pack [MOV]

Updated: Jun 25

free [Overlays] CinePacks - FREE Paint FX Sample Pack [MOV]
[Overlays] CinePacks - FREE Paint FX Sample Pack [MOV]

Title: FREE Paint FX Sample Pack

Handout: Overlays

Format: MOV

Video Encoding: ProRes

Alpha Channel: Yes

Description:"FREE Paint FX Sample Pack" is a small and effective package created for filmmakers and editors who want to add some textured overlay effects to their videos. The pack contains 18 Overlays (overlays) collection of paint splashes, marks and textures, animated to give your video a unique look. They are perfect for achieving interesting brush and grunge effects. You can use them as overlays or transitions. All overlays are available in 2 versions (black and white and red). Place them on top of the current frame and composite and apply any blending mode. They can be used separately or in combination with each other.

For a softer light, just change the opacity of the layer.

Many will appreciate it.

PS .. Here is a slightly larger version than the free (free) version, but less than the full version.

When the full package is available, the distribution will be updated.

Package specification:4K resolution
• 36 curated clips | MOV | ProRes | 3840 × 2160
• No Looped Video
• 6 Paint Overlay
• 6 Paint Scratch Overlay
• 4 Splatter Paint Overlay
• 2 Painted X Object Overlay

Additional Information:

The material is provided solely for educational purposes. There is also a big ( huge ) request to all - this material should not be re-uploaded to other resources. Hope for understanding.




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