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OTT Vst 2021

Updated: Apr 15

Welcome to the ultimate guys for extra records Ott which stands for over-the-top compression

Xfer Records OTT Vst is a free toll by Xfer Records. This is the re-creation of a popular aggressive multiband compressor, upwards and also downwards compressor set-up used by many dubstep and electro producers.

OTT Vst 2021

What is OTT Vst

It's the multiband compressor in Ableton Live which has a preset called OTT (over the top). This style of multiband compression combines upward expansion and downward compression to squash a signal. It does this only on three different bands.


  • Depth control to check the amount of compression you use in your Track.

  • To control the attack/release times of all bands.

  • With Input and Output gain controls.

  • Visual display of input and gain reduction over the low/mid/high bands.


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