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Native Instruments - Kontakt 6 v6.6.0


Download free Native Instruments - Kontakt 6 v6.6
Native Instruments - Kontakt 6 v6.6.0

Year / Date of Release : 05/03/2021

Version : v6.6.0

Developer : Native Instruments

Developer site : Native Instruments


Bit depth : 64bit

Tablet : cured

System requirements : Windows 7 and higher, preinstalled Microsoft Visual C ++ 2015/2017/2019 redistributable package, 4GB minimum RAM, Intel Core i5 / AMD Athlon II X2 processor

Description : Updating the popular sampler. Contact allows you to play and process previously recorded audio data - samples of musical instruments, sound effects, vocal tracks, and more - but this is only a small part of the entire spectrum of its capabilities. In Vkontakte, you can use ready-made instruments from a huge number of libraries from third-party developers or create your own virtual instruments, apply powerful built-in processing modules to their audio signals, build complex performance schemes with various modulation connections. Anything is possible - from ultra-precise recreation of real instruments to the creation of original, unlike anything else instruments.

The main innovation of the sixth version of Contact is the table-wave engine, which allows new hybrid instruments that combine synthesis with sampling to create unique sound textures.


ADDED Kontakt now also provides a VST3 target REMOVED 32bit VST2 target is no longer provide Kontakt 6.6.0 - Beta 1 VST3, Content Library Path, KSP Commands, Creator Tools 1.4 At a Glance

As the sub-header gave away, we are happy to share with you the long awaited VST3 target! Additionally, a great UX improvement for cases where users have missing content has been implemented: you can now specify a base path for your non-Player Content but also choose if you want to store referenced paths relative to the base path. You can set these in the updated Loading tab (fka Import / Load) of Kontakt Options.


Kontakt v6.6.0 - Beta 1 (2021-04-XX)
ADDED Kontakt now also provides a VST3 target
REMOVED 32bit VST2 target is no longer provided
CHANGED The Options Load / Import tab is updated and renamed to Loading
ADDED It is now possible to set a user library path in the Kontakt options Loading tab
ADDED The about screen now displays the Kontakt target
ADDED KSP New KSP command redirect_output ()
IMPROVED KSP It is now possible to refresh the ui_file_selector
ADDED KSP It is now possible to attach the ui_meter to gain reduction meters
ADDED KSP EVENT_PARs can be now routed to various destinations
Creator Tools v1.4.0 - Beta 1 (2021-04-XX)
ADDED Instrument Editor: It is now possible to set the grid and BPM with Lua
ADDED It is now possible to enable Lua file system access
IMPROVED Lua Script: Log limit is now increased to 100.000 lines


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