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Native Instruments – Discovery Series India (KONTAKT)

discovery series native instruments
Native Instruments – Discovery Series India (KONTAKT) Size: 2.73 GB


Hey folks welcome to freshplugin4u I'm meteoric make sure you subscribe to the website, Just look at all the different new instruments inside ofcomplete eleven just a real quickoverview I wanted to take a

look at India it's another one of the

discoveries series and so India is

a similar concept in federal it web

browser right now I have the ensemble

but I also can Co over here and see that

we have a ton of different individual

percussion instruments that we can look

at as well as a bunch of melodic

instruments including your classic you


sitar and harmonium there's all kinds of

really cool individual options and I wanted to at least take a look at

the ensemble and so for these this we

can actually see which instruments are

inside of the ensemble we have a number

of different patterns and in fact if we

edit our patterns list we can see just

things that you know full tempo relaxed

grooves and these are all different BPM

and we can load something up .

and so just by you know doing things

like that we can drag patterns into our

into our hosts or onto our desktop and

use them and we can set the route and

the feel and intensity of each of these

ensemble play backs and in fact we can

have it going we could be triggering and

be soloing or muting particular

instruments and we can load that into

that slot go to the next one and maybe

saw out a couple different ones

so that's a really cool way to do just to

kind of build up a whole bunch of

different sounds we have all these basic

parts that build off of we actually

control the intensity the groove with

our mod wheel let's give that a listen

and that's pretty cool we can choose our

sound presets from modern to ambient

upfront and these are controlling basic

mixer settings so if we go over here we

can see we have channels 1 through 8

channels 9 through 13 and it's just a

basic balance solo and mute panning and

ascends to the reverb we have a

dedicated reverb return here so let me

go back just solo out the reverb here

even the Taj Mahal

there's lots of like just the ensemble

section she's really enjoying just kind

of exploring some of these rhythms we

have all these different feels and moves

to work with and that's really cool for

working with ensemble based stuff and if

we want to load up instead one of the


and we can trigger different patterns on

the keyboard different types of hits

different types of roles and phrases so

there's really all kinds of stuff we

could be doing here and each of these

instruments is really cool because we

can do this with with all of these

different ones call up another one every

one of them we can adjust kind of the

groove of the feel of the intensity and

yet we have that mixer we can apply

different reverbs a lot of flexibility

and adding really cool Indian style

percussion parts and layers into your


if we go over to finished up by

taking a look at some of the melodic s--

we have for example so in this one we

can actually choose and it's it's our

our root note a particular scale there's

all kinds of traditional scales using a

complete keyboard complete control

you're going to see all this stuff

mapping out directly onto the control a

lot of cool stuff

but but we have these drones and

patterns here as well which is really


so we have a map key mode guy key motor

easy kemo which is very similar to our

work in complete control with the scale

mode so I still don't know what I'm

doing but at least it's kind of

interesting and fun to play with we also

have our ornamentation mode we can turn

on and off and this one we can use our

modulation wheel to trigger the


how much fast or slow and

our sound presets for both the rhythmic

and the melodic stuff we can choose

between ambient and vintage and modern

etc a lot of really fun stuff inside of

this discovery series sounds of India

Discovery Series new and complete 11



Size: 2.73 GB


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