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Massive X Expansions – Pulse

free Massive X Expansions – Pulse
Massive X Expansions – Pulse

MASSIVE X Expansions are cutting-edge preset packs created by sound designers with a meticulous approach to putting our flagship synth through its paces. Each Expansion contains 150 presets tuned to a particular genre or mood, ready to be loaded up, tweaked, and used wherever you need killer sound fast.

From dancefloor to deep, soundscapes to sublime, each Expansion is curated toward a certain sound or vibe. Explore each and hear them in action below.


It’s called PULSE for a reason. Get the floor shaking with deep-sea subs, corrosive and distorted lines, talkative formants, and futuristic takes on low-end classics. Hollow, wobbling subs have an added twist, organic analog-inspired rumbles inject some vintage vices, and mechanical, physical-modelling style sounds make for truly distinctive bass.