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Make Pop Music THE WAVE (WAV Serum)-DECiBEL


download for free Make Pop Music THE WAVE (WAV Serum)-DECiBEL
Make Pop Music THE WAVE (WAV Serum)-DECiBEL

The Wave" is our brand new, Synthwave inspired sample pack with Serum presets! All of the sounds, samples, and files have been inspired by sounds of the 80s that have had a recent resurgence in pop music. If you're looking for the 80s sound with a modern twist and polish, you finally found the holy grail! All of the drum samples and Serum presets are mix-ready and sound incredible as is, but we have left room for you to be able to put your own spin on them in the production or mix, if you so choose. If you have always wanted slamming retro drums, gorgeous 80s pads and keys, thick and monstrous basses, and sparkling leads, you NEED to check this new pack out


107 Custom Serum Presets inspired by sounds of the 80s

Presets Included:

808 - 3

ARP - 2

Bass - 17

Bell - 5

Brass - 4

FX - 3

Key - 15

Lead - 5

Pad - 19

Plucks - 16

Synth - 11

Vocal - 5

150+ Drum Samples, including kicks, snares, toms, cymbals, hats, and loops!

Samples Included:

Claps - 15

Cymbals - 10

Fills - 5

FX - 13

Hats - 13

Kicks - 14

Loops - 11

Percs - 39

Snares - 15

Toms - 8

Vox - 10




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