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Lo-Fi Soul – Future Hip Hop & Dance WAV MIDI

Lo-Fi Soul – Future Hip Hop & Dance WAV MIDI
Lo-Fi Soul – Future Hip Hop & Dance WAV MIDI

In an era where productions are getting cleaner and more crisp, Lo-Fi Soul sets out to provide a library driven by handcrafted dusty tones and crackly timbres. Lo-Fi Soul contains a precise collection of vibey melodies, analog synth and bass lines, delicate chord progressions, live bass guitar patterns, characterful SFX and more. All of which have been processed with a selection of boutique outboard gear and vintage guitar pedals for authentic character. Perfect for Kaytranada style dance or vibey Hip Hop.

A handpicked selection of 12 drum loops provide the foundation for Lo-Fi Soul including separate stems for synonymous grooves, and a range of extra percussive, foley-infused loops to add elegance to your rhythm section. Additionally, the exceptional 78 single drum one shots allow you to create your own beats from a variety of different drum hits such as foley layered snares, dusty tops and roomy kick drums.

What’s in the Pack?

  • 78 Dusty drum hits

  • 12 Characterful drum loops (Full bounces and stem bounces)

  • 10 Bonus percussion loops

  • 11 Soulful bass loops (including Midi files)

  • 13 Vibey chord loops (including Midi files)

  • 13 Funky melody loops (including Midi files)

  • 20 Foley infused SFX

  • 20 Musical one shots

  • Tempos – 100, 115BPM

  • All samples are key & BPM labelled for ease of use