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Lexicon PCM Native Effects Plugin Bundle v1.2.6 VST2 [WIN]

Updated: Jan 10

Lexicon PCM Native Effects Plugin Bundle v1.2.6 VST2 [WIN]
Lexicon PCM Native Effects Plugin Bundle v1.2.6 VST2 [WIN]

hello and welcome to Freshplugin4u.com we are going to see lexicon I am meteoric and today we will check out the Lexicon native reverb

bundle this new plug-in promises to

deliver the much admired and

sought-after lexicon hardware

additionally we will have a chance to

compare it to the real thing the lexicon

PCM 70 ja must be any ah tiga Jana on

what would the 80s up sended like

without the lexicon such as the 84

large haul Frankie Goes to Hollywood

Would certainly never have had such a

full-on sound without this massive Hall

effect I have to admit there's not a

single record of mine where you cannot

hear the lexicon hardware Hall being

used these include the LX p1 the LX p5 l

XP 15 PCM 70 as well as the lexicon 84 L

I'm really quite curious to find out if

the plug-in can compete with the

hardware javadi's software

lexicon pcm native reverb plugin bundle free download on top I have

installed a software using logic on the

Mac OS platform we must admit it was

quite tricky even the demo version

requires an eye lock key and I struggled

for over two hours to get it working

which was quite annoying to say.

The lexicon pcm native reverb plug-in bundle vst v1.0.4 least that was in bahia lexicon as we can see here lexicon calls it a bundle because

the different hall bundles are listed as

individual plug-ins we have here a

plugin for the chamber algorithm one for

plate one for large hall called random

hall the room plugin and last but not

least a plugin which deals specifically

with the vintage plate algorithm cube

quantity Slifer she not basically there

are two different ways of producing Hall


The algorithmic processes use

mathematical functions to simulate a

room whose properties can be modified

using different parameters Mirza mullion

the Dima bar Tecna can't let you

Shinagawa since computers have become

very fast and powerful these days the

second type of simulation uses

convolution reverb this is quite

different since a real space is sampled

and applied on top of the signal the

advantage of this method is that it

already sounds quite realistic however

this effect is stiff and inflexible

since you can only adjust it within a

very small range in guns Gillingham but

like feta none of new mamala lexicon

let's open the lexicon random

plugin selecting the large hole


On the left is input an output

in the middle we've got a nice TV with

various display types spectrum analysis

a progressive wave form although it's

not really clear to me what it's useful

for on the right first we have the

possibility to turn on the tooltips

which is always very useful ah a nice

little explanation here and here's

something which is quite important for

the hole which basically consists of two

components firstly early reflections the

first short delay which appear in a room

and the reverb tail and it's very useful

to use both components separately and

being able to adjust with the equalizer


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