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How to start a career in music production 2021

How to start a career in music production in 2021
How to start a career in music production

So you want to be a successful music producer but there's no clear roadmap on how to do that maybe you're feeling a little bit confused or even a little bit scared because you have some other obligations and you want to make this work, So before we get started I want to know where you're struggling with your music career let me know in the comments section below what areas you're struggling in, I'll just answer in the comment section below.

How do you become a successful music producer?

So how do you become a successful music producer I created this Article because I gave a talk about this at aim comm which is a Canadian music conference and I gave a keynote speech about how to become a successful music producer I've been in this for a long time and I think this is a surefire way to have success and a great roadmap to follow and I thought I'd break the topics up into four different Phases,   what to focus on in those areas at that time,  we're gonna be talking about the first phase which is the Education Phase

Education Phase

I see a lot of producers in this phase right now and they want to do all the other stuff in these other phases they need to focus on these main things in this phase now it's I knew it so what is the first phase is the education phase you need to spend time learning your craft

this is SuperDuper important you should not be worrying about things like social media trying to get show gigs trying to do collaborations you need to focus on making your own music and making it sound really really really good this is the number one thing you're gonna focus

on in all of these things that I'm gonna talk about the number one thing that's gonna get you the furthest ahead is your music so that needs to take priority over everything else I love this analogy of like a business school analogy after you finish high school if you go on

university and you just started in business school you would do it.

How to start a career in music production in 2021
How to start a career in music production

The first day of classes you wouldn't be like oh my god I need a logo I gotta find a pill is this I got I need a team of people that I'm gonna work with it's just I'm

crazy you definitely never do that you would you go to class you'd experiment you see

what kind of things that you like you see which business opportunities you want to do the same thing relates to music when you're starting your music career you need to learn how to make music, mix music, master music you only really need to know how to master music and get other people to do this but you need to know all the areas of making a song that

sounds good and catchy along with recording vocals and making just everything one cohesive amazing package this is your number.

One goal in the educational phase now if you are a young producer and you're starting to sell I would advise you to learn your da Wins now there's plenty of courses online there's plenty of YouTube videos online that teach you all the different DAW and label - Logic, Ableton, FL studio whichever one you want there's tons of free content out there that will explain what you need to know and how do you need to use your DAW to get the most out of it learn that first next up I would suggest trying to make two songs from every genre I would start with the ones that you really like so if you like making electro house start by making two songs in electrohouse if you like making dubstep start with that but then once you finish that I would try and push myself to make more songs in those different genres now I know what you're thinking you're probably like but I like future based and I only want to make future based forever in the educational phase you want just like you're taking a bunch of courses at university you want to experience all the different things so that you can get a is from all these different things and you can build up your musical abilities.

so by practicing making different genres of music you're gonna take notes and you're gonna be learning different things that you can incorporate to make your original project SuperDuper unique and badass so this is imperative next up another thing that I would suggest that

I didn't start to like halfway through my career but whatever it's just is buying a notebook and writing down every little production technique that you've actually learned everything that you

learn just write that down because you're not gonna remember how to compress drums in the beginning and there's gonna be ratios writing all that down so you just have a little notebook that you'll get that will fill up over the years and I'll be your little production tool and manual that

you can use it personally anytime you want to make music it also suggests to make get another book that you write down the lessons that you've learned

So how to make someones more interesting different little techniques that you can learn along the way just things that are working things that aren't working and also different processes for things so how to do things faster so if you can do things in a particular order write that down so that the next time you don't have to think about it again you can just look in your book and you have that order of things next thing you need to know as a music producer in your

educational phase.

Music Theory you need to know some music theory you need to at least know what the key of a track is what notes are in that key what chords are in that key and start practicing some chord progressions these are the fundamental basics you need to know these things if you don't know these things you can't be a music producer you need to know some music theory so go back and learn that first spend your first year learning that stuff I'd also suggest practicing writing chord progressions almost every day I would

practice writing a chord progression every day and then trying to write a melody over top just in a simple piano roll this will really build your skill and teach you how to make catchy melodies and catchy chord progressions which you will use later in your music production career

Along with that, I would encourage you to get some good samples some good sins and

some good effects and some good set of sound libraries you need samples everybody uses samples don't think it's cheating everybody uses samples Timbaland uses samples everybody uses samples deadmau5 using samples just use samples they're not cheating you can

definitely use them since you need some good Synth like Serum, Sylenth, Spire, and Massive or my go-to favorites check the milk you can try them out for a month to see which ones you really like but I suggested getting them one or two of those to start you often.

Ok then move on to getting some sound libraries so go by some sound banks you will need to recreate every sound from scratch if you wanted a sound which you wouldn't go out and make the cheese make the bread get the meat and cut it up here's go buy the things and put it together you don't need to recreate every single instrument or every single sound so think about that when you're making your music also I would suggest you get some good effects too so there's lots of good effects it built into your DAW but you can also go get some external effects waves have some great ones along with sound toys but that's something further in your music

production career that you don't really have to worry about right now but just start thinking about collecting some of those things along with all the stuff that I've talked about

You should be practicing within the first year along with doing two songs from every genre I would try to put some deliberate practice time in so setting a specific amount of time every day or five days a week that you can deliberately practice making songs this isn't gonna be easy

it's gonna be super difficult it's gonna hurt your brain a little bit but it's very very useful recreating songs I would suggest committing to a certain amount of time like five days a week if you take five hours every week and do this for a whole year there are two hundred and sixty hours you can get a lot accomplished and learn a lot in two hundred and sixty hours so I would take an hour a day just to try to recreate tracks now EDM prod has an amazing article which I'll link below about deliver practice and recreating tracks and it's such a good article for beginner producers you should know this and you should try to do this for your first year because it will skyrocket

your skills.

You will get so good so fast by just doing this and along with this taking notes of the lessons that you're learning while you're doing this now this is a lot of things to do and this is why I like to break these things down into different phases because within your first year this is all you should focus on only this stuff don't worry about social media don't worry about getting a logo don't worry about trying to book gigs don't worry about collaborations only focus on these things and building up your skills as a musician and a music producer because once you finish this

the phase you'll move on to the Emergent phase

The emergent phase is making a ton of music and getting everything set up for your success the next so how do you know if your music is gonna be good enough you're gonna drag professionally mix the master song that you like from one of your favorite artists in Judy aw then you're gonna bring your track into your DAW and you're gonna compare the two you're gonna compare the track in two ways quality-wise and creatively quality-wise that means is the mixing on point is everything leveled properly does this compare and loudness in high mid and low

frequencies do they compare to each other has to be 80% as good of quality

as the professional track, the same thing with creativity is this a unique track is a composition and arrangement equally or just as good as the professional track if it's not you got to go back to the drawing board and continue to practice to make your songs as good as that professional track needs to be 80% as good now once is 80% then you know you're ready to move on to the immersion phase

In the immersion phase, I'll go into great depth about the immersion things because that is such a Fun phase It's SuperDuper fun now if you're reading this I know you're a music producer and you want some constructive feedback on your tracks.