How to become an electronic music producer in 2021

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

how to become an electronic music producer in 2021
how to become an electronic music producer in 2021

Are you just starting as a producer? You don't know where to start. You don't understand what software or equipment that you need.


I got five tips on starting as a brand-new electronic producer.
Choose your equipment.
Learn how to finish a song ASAP.
Don't need to upload any of your songs.
Start thinking about an artist brand.
Connect with other people on your level.


I know it can be so overwhelming, so I'm here to hopefully simplify the process and get you on the way to making music tip number one, choose your equipment and get on with it. Don't overthink this.

I know there are many forums, and everybody's got a different opinion on everything, whether it's a door which is a Daw a digital audio workstation. There are programs like Ableton, Logic Pro, FL studio, and they're the big three. I use Logic Pro.

I would recommend starting in Ableton. It's got everything you need a lot of people to use, so it's suitable for collaborations and tutorials. I started with Logic Pro simply because I got a free copy of a friend, and that's what I learnt on

I order the same thing don't overthink it if one's cheaper if ones more accessible to you or more appealing to you personally, choose it and move on same goes with headphones, laptop, speakers keyboard the only thing that it would help if you had a computer and a door that's you can start on whatever headphones you have whatever speakers you've got.


You can find recommendations for cheap headphones and speakers studio monitors throughout all the various forums. I would recommend some Audio Technica m50 s when it comes to headphones affordable.

I've used my pair for five years plus now in the studio with no problems in terms of speakers I still use to this day a cheap couple of Behringer I bought when I started to set up that I still use doesn't matter Skrillex made scary monsters the onset of broken computer speakers.

I think he said only one of the speaker worked. Don't overthink these things. You can upgrade over time. Don't get too technical. Start learning and start making music. That brings me to a tip to learn how to finish a song ASAP.

History as a musician as a songwriter, you've got no musical theory background. It doesn't matter, but it's going to take you a couple of weeks.



how to become an electronic music producer  in 2021
how to become an electronic music producer

A couple of months to get to the point where you finish your song but know that this is your number one goal doesn't matter how basic it makes the song as simple as possible to wrap your head around using samples or soft synths basic mixing techniques.

They're all available online don't stress yourself. Find a few. Sit through it, learn through experience, don't ask too many questions to sit there and get it done.

You can't fail. These are just exercises. For now, get as many rough demos as you can under your belt, and you'll get a better one by one tip number three. You don't need to upload any of your songs yet that chances are they're going to suck.

I'll go we all go through this stage; when we start as a producer, we're overwhelmed, we think we suck what we know we suck, but we learn a lot over a short period.

We get to a point where we're pretty happy with our progress because we had progressed to Fareway. Damn, a few weeks ago, I couldn't do anything, and now I just made a whole song.

This is so good; I want to upload it and show the world I'm going to be the next big producer tone it down a little bit chances are the songs not that great. It's excellent for you.

It's a success because you're progressing as an artist, but don't rush into uploading your music or developing an artist persona just yet start producing and writing in as many different styles as you can all different genres purely as an exercise and sit on the music move on to the next song.

Don't upload it yet. Tip number four after a little while, start thinking about an artist brand, so this includes your sound as an artist what genre you're going to focus on. Basically, it would help if you had all the things involved in an artist brand, now keep it in the back of your head as you're practising as you're making all different kinds of music.

One might stand out in particular know where you want to take this in the long term. As I said, keep experimenting. Don't force a brand or a sound on yourself in the early stages but keep it in the back of your mind.

Tip number five connect with other people on your level. Other producers that are beginning as well don't start in boxing established producers asking for collapse or reposts.

Even tips like you don't need to everything you need to learn online already there are YouTube videos if you need extra help there's a platform called you that's They sell online courses on all different things.


They're about 15 bucks each if you can get a discount code. This course is on compression mixing mastering music theory for EDM blah blah blah everything you need to know it is already online but connect with other people on your level.
You can learn a lot quicker by bouncing ideas off each other. 

Collaborate, don't hang out in the studio to see how they do things, show them how you do things, and develop relationships early on with these people because they will be your peers.

 If you both stick with music in the long term in a year or two, you would hopefully help prop each other up to support each other they will be the people on your wave.


how to become an electronic music producer  in 2021
how to become an electronic music producer


It would help if you were doing this out of a place of support, keep them as much as you can these people potentially blow up, and if you're friends with that person or you've worked with them before a rising tide lifts all boats, this isn't something that you should be doing from a self-serving place.

It's not selfish the technique you should be helping everyone you can become friends with everybody on your level because you guys and girls are the next wave, so come up together.

It's going to accelerate your progress as an artist. It's going to accelerate your exposure. Later on, don't expect more prominent artists to collab with you nine times out of ten. That's not going to happen.

I'll never say never develop relationships with anyone. You can, but don't bug people.


Don't expect anything from anyone else if someone's not that keen to work with you. Please don't take it as a personal

The attack they're probably busy they've got a lot on their plate they've got a lot of relationships that they're already involved in and working on focus on yourself.

Anyone around you that wants to be involved with you builds yourself a network from day one, and your life will be a lot easier. That's it. Hopefully, this helped you in some way if you liked the article. I would appreciate it if you liked the article. Share with your friends.

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