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Ghosthack - Ultimate EDM Bundle (MIDI, WAV, SYLENTH, SERUM) 6.38 GB

ghosthack - Ultimate EDM Bundle (MIDI, WAV, SYLENTH, SERUM)

The ultimate EDM bundle

from ghost hack now if you have not

heard of this mystical or magical bundle

before it is the ultimate EDM bundle

that you can find on the Freshplugin4u.com

website and it contains five different

packages for all kinds of sort of pop

and future EDM production the link to

this page right here can be found in the

download button of this post you can go

ahead and bring you right here you can

read more and listen to more about it

It came with the MIDI the future EDM

movement came with all the MIDI for all

their patterns so I took that MIDI and

applied it to that sound that we just

heard in serum and then the next

instrument I have here is this one there

it is a nice plucky bass


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