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Ghosthack the ultimate producer bundle 2020 download

Updated: Apr 15

ghosthack the ultimate producer bundle 2020 free download

Download Ghosthack Ultimate Producer Bundle 2021 MULTIFORMAT

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We Combined 24 of Our Best Sample Packs into One HUGE Bundle!

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Today I'm gonna showing you a little bit of ghost

hacks newest addition of the ultimate

producer 2020 now in this bundle

you would find 24 different ghost hack

packs a few of which are specifically

exclusive to this bundle such as these

four right here and then we have some

others that have already been released

but are brought together in this bundle

at a free of cost

Some of which are completely new you can see

by this new banner right there you can

see which ones are brand spanking new

and let me tell you there are a lot of

packages included in this bundle this is

the biggest bang for your buck ghost AK

has ever released also something else I

should mention for any returning

producers this bundle is very different

from the ultimate producer bundle 2019

previous version

you can see here the

old version had eight thousand eight

hundred plus files this one has over ten

thousand there's also a big difference

in file size and there's a more wide

variety of genres that this pack covers

but the most important thing of all is

that there are no duplicate packs if

you've previously bought the ultimate

producer bundle 2019

You buy the ultimate producer bundle 2020 you will

have no overlapping packs you will have

all new libraries so you don't really

have to worry about that so I just want

to take you through some of the newest

stuff that is coming to this bundle and

some of the most noteworthy things

contained therein so how I'm gonna start

us off is with some ambient soundscapes

in this package it comes with some drum

stems not very ambient but is just to go

in the background and they're all

separated out in two stems but the loops

are the fun part we have some base loops


they all seem to be very deep and then

we have the musical loops which is the

build a little something

we have a few percussion loops it also

comes with MIDI files for some of those

loops and we have one shots of like

atmospheres and of some bass and then of

some drones then we have percussion hits

it was actually sound very useful we

have sound effects a lot of these a lot

of risers here and some since moving on

from ambience we have future house and

bass 2020 and there are some very useful

and inspiring sounds in here those are

some ARP loops and we have some bass


I especially like the bouncy once and

then we have breakbeat and we also have

some construction kits so we have all

the files - these kind of songs well

let's see if we can't listen - look - a

little bit of them

there's more where that came from then

we have some drum fills and those can be

really useful for anyone making for to

the floor

We have drum loops here keep in mind

these are all stemmed separated we have

melody loops here which are a lot of fun

we have MIDI files for all of these

loops as well we have one shots like

bass shots which some of them serve

those are very heavy they're very nice

drum such claps you have high hats

there's a lot of good stuff

We have kicks which are very strong and punchy

for any kind of house music we have some

very useful percussions great for

building loops and we have rides some

very clean rides and then we have snares

which could be very useful like over

kicks as well and we have some of the

synth shots that were included in the

loops and now we have some piano loops

which these are very nice

They also come with bass and then we

have some serum presets here's bass

here's some chords

and then we have since we have vocal

loops which can add texture to your

songs and then some vocoder loops do my

own space you know moving on we have

some reggaeton and pop vocals let's see

here's some bass shots to go and like


we have construction kits here

which we can take a listen to a couple

of these nice let's hear another one

there's five construction kits there as

well we have some drum loops once again

all stem separated there's drums shots

very nice claps high hats and we have


there's percussions some very good for

making loops and we have some snares we

also have inspirational loops of just

any kind of instrument you know that

they have here that can give you

inspiration to create tracks

we have serum presets right there which

are probably a lot of what you heard in

the other sounds then we have some synth

shots you can throw things like these

into a sampler and then play them on

your keyboard just by themselves like an

instrument and then we have vocal shots

also very good for chopping up and you

know making into a loop and I really

want to go over these exclusive sounds

as well such as the exclusive drums you

can see we have like 200 different

snares and claps of all kinds of things

you have claps and snaps we have hard

and heavy snares we have natural kind of

real sounding snares great for fills and

different things we have small and short


we have some ghosthack sunique snares

which are very interesting to listen to

next up for the kicks there's 808

those are some very heavy 808s next we

have distorted kicks some of those can

be good for hardstyle or hardcore next

we have just hard and heavy kicks then

we have natural little more real

sounding kicks some of those are still

pretty heavy and then we have small and

softer kicks next up we have hats an

perks all the clothes hats like you'll

ever need we have Coolidge percussion

which also a lot of these sound kind of

juicy and distorted next we have open

hats we have some real sounding


we have ghosthack free synth

percussions and lastly we have some hat

loops and then we have percussion loops

both digital and more real and then we

have some exclusive hip-hop kits right

here like You can see some of a couple of

these beats these are the demos too

these beats you have all the different

files for that kit and then let's take

another one

we have exclusive vocals which some of

these turned out very very nice we have

some stems for this singer.

What's in the Bundle?

We Combined 24 of Our Best Sample Packs into One HUGE Bundle!

That's Your Opportunity to Upgrade Your Current Sample Library Today!

Note:- you just need torrent to download this file.


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