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Gforce Vst 2021

One of the most established companies when it comes to VST products is GForce, the creator of Minimonsta, impOSCar, and M-Tron. One of their most successful ideas has been without any doubt, Oddity, a VST recreation of the mythical ARP Odyssey synthesizer that was on the market between 1972 and 1981.


The OB-E is our take on the legendary 8-Voice. More than just an emulation, the OB-E offers a unique musical experience. Sounding HUGE, it takes the iconic Synthesizer Expander Module (SEM®) based 8-Voice (a.k.a the EVS) into new sonic territory via a raft of enhancements and additions.

The concept of the 8-Voice is actually very simple; based around a single SEM containing two VCOs with Pulse and Sawtooth waveforms, two ADS Envelope Generators, one LFO, and a magical Multi-Mode Filter. In isolation each SEM is monophonic, but in the 8-Voice, because there are eight SEMs triggered by a polyphonic keyboard, you have a superb eight-note polyphonic synthesizer. While simple at heart, the OB-E is, to our knowledge, the first virtual instrument with complete per-voice control. This unique Octaphonic architecture offers fresh and exciting creative possibilities to music producers, composers, and sound designers for the first time in the digital realm.

M Tron pro version 3 builds on the success of both the original m Tron the world's first Tron plug-in and the previous iteration of Mtron Pro also builds on the ethos of the instrument by providing a straightforward architecture with which to process some of the most nostalgic and majestic tones ever heard sounds used by musical icons from the Beatles to my monster if you want to keep things nice and simple and get started with the music-making immediately just dial up a patch by the patch selection window saw here clicking on this window reveals a wealth of Tron patches garlic from hundreds of Tron tapes including those instantly recognizable flutes choirs and violins through to harp arpeggios and sound effects

There are also a number of artists design sounds from prominent sound designers and the original uses including the legendary RickWake man MTron Pro also offers to edit features designed specifically with drama tape sounds in mind and to access these you simply open the lid here MTron Pro provides an intuitive synth panel allowing control over a multi-band filter a filter envelope and amplitude an envelope a pitch LFO plus global delay and ensemble effects.


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