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Fracture Sounds ARCO – Bowed & Plucked Piano Ensemble KONTAKT

Downlaod Fracture Sounds ARCO – Bowed & Plucked Piano Ensemble KONTAKT
Fracture Sounds ARCO – Bowed & Plucked Piano Ensemble KONTAKT

Fracture Sounds ARCO – Bowed & Plucked Piano Ensemble KONTAKT

Arco is a beautiful ensemble of four pianos, meticulously sampled in a concert hall with a range of bowed and plucked articulations. Arco is perfect for dramatic swells, shimmering textures and lush melodic lines. Over a year in the making, and the first of its kind, Arco’s unique sonic flavours will be a welcome addition to any composer’s toolbox. Runs in Kontakt 5.3 or above.

The sound of Arco could be described as a hybrid between a piano and a string ensemble. We took four pianos (two grands and two uprights), put them in a concert hall and performed each note with a range of techniques. After weeks of planning and experimenting, we settled on using nylon fishing line, coated in two types of rosin – bass rosin for the lower range and cello rosin for the upper range.

The Patches

Main Patches

  • ARCO – Bowed Sustains.nki

  • ARCO – Spiccato.nki

  • ARCO – Soft Spiccato.nki

  • ARCO – Plucks.nki

  • ARCO – Plucked Tremolo.nki

  • ARCO – Glissando Effects.nki

Economical Patches (reduced voice count)

  • Bowed Sustains (Open).nki

  • Bowed Sustains (Muted).nki

  • Bowed Sustains (Super Eco).nki

  • Bowed Sustains (Hyper Eco).nki

  • Plucked Tremolo (Eco).nki

Separate ribbon mic patches are also included, which give a thicker, warmer character to the sound.

Patch ranges: C1 to E5 (Bowed), G1 to G6 (Plucked).


  • Meticulously recorded in a modern concert hall environment.

  • 3 mixable microphone positions, including our easy perspective mixer.

  • Separate ribbon mic patches for a warmer character.

  • Range of inspiring articulations: Sustain, soft and hard spiccato, plucked, and tremolo.

  • Atonal/Aleatoric effects.

  • Smooth dynamic morphing with the mod wheel.

  • ‘Texture’ control for morphing between different performance styles.

  • Simple and user-friendly interface.

  • High quality 24-Bit samples.

  • 6GB download size (NCW compressed from 11GB sample pool).

  • Requires the full version of Kontakt 5.3 or above.


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