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Faded Instruments Slimer FM v1.01 VST AU

Faded Instruments Slimer FM v1.01 VST AU WIN & MACOSX
Faded Instruments Slimer FM v1.01 VST AU WIN & MACOSX

Slimer FM turns your DAW into a modular FM mega-instrument. Traditional FM synths provide carrier and modulator oscillators to generate sounds, but Slimer FM has no modulator – just an audio input. Using simple routing in your DAW of choice, any synth/drum machine/effects chain can become the modulators – inspiring some weird ass sounds. Essentially, your whole DAW becomes an FM synthesizer.

How It Works

Slimer FM is a single oscillator synthesizer that can fade between sine and saw waveforms.

There is an input knob for controlling the level of the input for FM modulation.

There is a knob for fading between FM (frequency modulation) or PM (phase modulation) synthesis.

There is an Attack/Decay Envelope for controlling the carrier oscillator.

There is a simple Lopass Filter with Cutoff and Resonance control. There is also an Attack/Decay Envelope for effecting the Cutoff pitch of the filter. It can have a positive or negative effect – so put it in the middle for no effect.


Slimer FM is a 64bit plugin that runs on Windows as VST or Mac as Audio Unit (10.8 “Mountain Lion” or better).

Slimer FM has been tested to run in Windows on Ableton, Reaper, and Bitwig. Logic and Ableton have been tested on Mac – unfortunately Bitwig on Mac doesn’t support Audio Units :(I haven’t figured out a way to run it in FL Studio because an instrument can’t seem to receive audio from another track, but its possible theres a way to work it.

Windows users may need some common support files called the “Visual C++ Redistributable Package”. Odds are you already have it, but just in case you don’t you can download them here.