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free FabFilter.Timeless.3.v3.0.0.MacOS

Distribution updated : added version from CODESHiNE (see CODESHiNE Release Notes spoiler)

Release year : 2021

Version : 3 v3.0.0

Developer : FabFilter Developer

Platform : iNTEL + M1


Interface language : English

Tablet : cured (put and work) | MORiA; present (replacement files) CODESHiNE

System requirements :

macOS 10.10 or higher (64-bit only)

AU or VST 2/3 host

Intel or Apple Silicon processor

Description : From simple echo to cool modulation!

FabFilter Timeless 3 is an ultra-flexible tape delay plug-in with time-stretching, high-quality filters and drag-and-drop modulation.

FabFilter Timeless 3 is a versatile vintage-sounding tape delay that will satisfy your everyday needs. And with its unique effects, filters, patterns and unlimited modulation possibilities, you can just as easily turn it into the ultimate sound processing machine!

Vintage filters and creative effects- The stereo delay signal is passed through five unique effects and up to six analog filters, and then routed back to the input with adjustable feedback. Easily program your own delays using well-designed delay and filter controls and interactive displays.

Easy drag-and - drop modulation - Easily customize ducking, wah and flutter, dynamic diffusion, or other creative effects using the unique and versatile Timeless modulation system. Creating new modulation connections couldn't be easier: just drag and drop.

Useful from FabFilter- Finally, you get all the usual goodies from FabFilter: perfectly tuned knobs, MIDI Learn, intelligent parameter interpolation for smooth parameter transitions, extensive help with interactive tips, processor optimization and much more.

If your plugins folder has a black hole due to the lack of delay effect, then you will find that Timeless 2 will fill it perfectly. Verdict: 10 out of 10!

Release Notes CODESHiNE

x86-64 & AArch64 K'd. Timebomb diffused. Replace code signature and dequarantine if necessary. AAX Working, x86-64 only, requires modified host and CODESHiNE Unpace Utility v1.19 or higher.