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ETHERA Gold Sahara Voices KONTAKT

The perfect new tool for adding amazing Ethnic Vocals to your soundtracks!

The Ethera Collection consists of

Ethera 2.0, Ethera Soul Edition, Ethera Soundscapes 2.01, Ethera EVI 2.0, Ethera Gold 2.5, Ethera Gold Intimate Vocals. If you already own some, or all, of the earlier Ethera titles then Ethera Gold Sahara Voices will be a powerful add-on to your Ethera Collection.

If you are new to Ethera, you will find Sahara Voices to be an awesome new instrument to assist and enhance your music-making creativity and it also will give you access to a possible Cross-Grade Coupon to buy the other Ethera Libraries.

Ethera Gold Sahara Voices is an all-new, powerful set of Vocal instruments. The perfect new tool for adding amazing Ethnic Vocals to your soundtracks.

ETHERA Gold Sahara Voices is not an add-on or expansion for Ethera Gold 2.5, it is a separate, unique stand-alone product.

All the samples included in this library are completely new and unique to this Kontakt instrument.

The vocal instruments included with Sahara Voices use the magnificent vocals of Clara Sorace. Clara has sung with many of the greatest soundtrack and video game composers and trailer music creators. Her voice is a thrilling blend of soul, ethnic, epic, and emotionality with the charm of Latin flair.

What’s Included in Ethera Gold Sahara Voices:

  • 5 multi-sampled Kontakt Instruments

  • Approximately 6GB of 24 bit, 48KHz samples

  • The Brand New Ethnic – Mid-East Vocal True Legato

  • Sustains Instrument with 11 inspiring articulations controlled by Key Switches

  • Custom Convolution Reverb

  • Over 800 inspiring Ethnic – Middle Eastern Vocal phrases organized by Key

  • BPM delivered also in open .wav format so you can easily drag & drop them into your DAW

  • Reversed Vocal Phrases instrument

Ethera Gold – Sahara Voices – True Legato

With the Ethera Series, we developed an amazing series of True Legatos. Developing a True Legato as we have for the Ethera Series requires a lot of work and uses many, many samples. We have sampled each interval in up to 3 different styles so that the user can choose, using MIDI-velocity (0 to 95, and 96 to 127), which legato interval is preferable for a situation.

Ethera Gold – Sahara Voices – Vocal Phrases

Sampling the Human Voice is a great challenge. With our Emotive True Legato and Epic True Legato, we believe that we offer you the best and most realistic vocal Instrument on the market. However, the Human Voice is complex and so for this reason, the Vocal Phrases Instrument is particularly important. The Vocal Phrases Instrument supplies you with hundreds of fantastic ready-to-use vocal performances. Imagine, you are composing the music for a Blockbuster Trailer or a Video Game and you instantly need a voice with a great character that will fit perfectly with your music. Well, this instrument is for you! Or if you need some inspiration for your composition then this instrument can be the starting point to build your music around.

It contains over 1600 ready-to-use Vocal Phrases, from Dramatic to Epic, from Ethereal to Modern, all organized by BPM and KEY. There are a lot of different KEYS (C, D, E, G, A) using the Time Mode with Pitch Shifting you can cover all the Key possibilities. With a Pitch shifting of +-1 semitones, the sound quality is still very good. A vocal phrase in E can be converted to F with +1 semitone, or a vocal phrase in C can be taken down to B with a -1 semitone of pitch shifting.

Each vocal phrase comes in many different tempos: 95bpm, 115bpm, and 130bpm, etc. If you need to change the native tempo of a selected vocal phrase you can use the Time Mode. We suggest using only a small tempo change to maintain the quality of the original sample. For example, from 115bpm to 120 bpm or from 130bpm to 125bpm, etc. Using Time Mode, the vocal phrase will be synced to the tempo of the DAW Host.

Ethera Gold – Sahara Voices – Sustains

This instrument contains a variety of vocal phonemes, including Melisma & Sustains. The controls of the Home Page are similar to some of the other instruments’ controls. With the Key Switches colored RED, you can choose the various articulations. With the Modulation Wheel (CC 91) you can control the intensity of the sound and create a blending with other vocal samples.

Ethera Gold 2.5 was created by Stefano Maccarelli, an Award-Winning Sound Designer & Composer with over 23 years of experience in the audio industry, film music, sound design & audio postproduction. Stefano has scored or licensed music & sound design for ad campaigns and TV Shows of many leading broadcasting brands such as Fox, National Geographic, Sky, A&T Networks, Fox Sports, Disney, and Marvel.

Clara Sorace is a vocalist & recording artist from Italy who is based in Rome. She studied piano and singing for over 12 Years. She has participated in various competitions and festivals including the San Remo Academy of Song where she reached the final. Clara has extensive experience of musical production and vocal arrangements, which has enabled her to widen her stylistic versatility and range so that she can switch easily from Soul & Pop to Cinematic and Epic Music. Her vocals have been used in many international musical works, international trailers, TV Shows, Video Games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla by Ubisoft, and many Cinematic Music Albums.