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E11 Studios Gnawa WAV

E11 Studios Gnawa WAV
E11 Studios Gnawa WAV

GNAWA SOUNDS is the first ensemble library (including vocals) from Morocco ever produced.

We are the first people to design this ethical, authentic and original Gnawa and Moroccan sounds pack. We have created both live sounds and digitally mixed and mastered sounds to create sounds that cannot be found anywhere else. Using this pack will make your music 100% unique !

With co-producer Flomine and Arfoud Brothers, this was designed to offer full usability of recorded sounds as multisample instruments,

This is an original live played piece from Famous Gnawa Group Arfoud Brothers all sounds are played live, from authentic Moroccan Musicians from the Sahara Desert.

With our pack you can thoroughly compose tracks from start to end, use a single instrument in addition to your music or find rare, eclectic, cultural, unknown and international sound inspiration to add on top of your beats.

As always, this exceptional collection is 100% royalty free and available for immediate download in 24-Bit Wav format. Bpm ranges from 70BPm – 150Bpm ensuring coverage for multiple genres and sub genres. Download now and get instant GNAWA gratification, there is not a more affordable but generous pack than this, download now, you’ll be glad you did.


– 22 x Gumbri Loops – 30 x Gnawa Vocals Loops – 12 x Kerakb Percussion Loops – 16 x Bendir Percussions Loops – 21 x Darboka Percussions Loops – 20 x Hand Clap Kits – 23 x Tebla Loops + Bonus & Fills



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