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This article features the best free autotune VST plugins and also the best paid Autotune Plugin just for free.

For what Autotune Plugin are used?

Autotune are basically use to tune your vocals, and it's also been use in live performance show's.

How do I download Autotune? The Antares Auto-Tune Pro ($399) plugin is now available to everyone, thanks to the Freshplugin4u.com for providing it just for free. Is there any free version of Autotune? Yeah! Autotune is now just for free #Autotune Online You can download it Just for free. Autotune are used for Pitch Correction, it is use to make creative vocals, How can I Autotune my voice just for free? You can use any of there Five free Autotune Plugin to Autotune your own Voice. NOTE:- A bad singer can a Artist using this Antares free Autotune Plugin. Which Autotune is best? Let see the best free Autotune you can get. 1. Graillon 2 Free Edition 2. MAutoPitch 3. GSnap 4. KeroVee 5. Voloco Graillon 2 Free Edition by Auburn Sounds

Graillon 2 Free Edition is one of the best free Autotune VST plugin on the market. It's Pitch Correction Algorithm works definitely best from other free Autotune Autotunning vocals with Graillon 2 is much easier to use, Just Place this Autotune Plugin in your mixer channel and you are ready to go ( it can also be use while recording live vocals in the studio ) Thanks to its best pitch correction engine, Graillon 2 can sound more or less Artificially, according to the use of the user's. Download Graillon 2 for 32-bit & 64-bit plugin format for Windows & Mac OS. MAutoPitch by MeldaProduction

MAutoPitch by MeldaProduction Is also the same as Antares Auto-Tune Pro but it's for free to download. Whereas the pitch correction is mostly same as Graillon 2. MeldaProduction’s Autotune product adds a few amazing bonus features like stereo width adjustment, limiter, and a automatic gain control. Download MeldaProduction’s Autotune for 32-bit & 64-bit plugin format for Windows & Mac OS. GSnap by Graham Yeadon

GSnap is the free Autotune VST plugin. It was the first free Autotune VST that was able to achieve the classic autotune effect. It just like the same as Graillon 2 and MeldaProduction but what it make to stand on 3rd place in our list is because you don’t have to depend on the plugin to automatically to do the pitch correction, Instead, the user can have to feed the correct MIDI notes into the plugin. Download GSnap Autotune for 32-bit & 64-bit plugin format for Windows & Mac OS. KeroVee by g200kg

KeroVee is another old-school type pitch correction tool, it was released back in 2010. Although it looks is somewhat not that cool than the previous three autotune VSTs on this list. It can be quite useful if you want to control over the pitch of the vocals in your track. In other way, it is closer to Melodyne. KeroVee can also work same as Graillon 2 and MAutoPitch in full auto mode. Download KeroVee Autotune for 32-bit & 64-bit plugin format for Windows. Voloco by Resonant Cavity

Voloco is also a free autotune VST that was designed for use exclusively as a creative tool. This is intentionally use for robotic-sounding autotune plugin, which is use in electronic and urban music. Download Voloco Autotune for 32-bit & 64-bit plugin format for Windows & Mac OS. Autotune Audacity is also used for Pitch Correction, it's also has basically the same process which are required to use a Autotune Plugin. Make music online free on Soundtrap, Soundtrap is a platform from where you can make Online Music.

Download Free Autotune 8

Download Free Autotune 8
Download Antares Auto-Tune Pro just for free.
It's the only  best Autotune for free online website, Antares Auto-Tune Pro is not free but in this site you will get 
Antares Auto-Tune for Mac OS 

Auto-tune Pro (Rev2) 9.1 64-bit

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