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BeatSkillz – Bollywood Maharaja 2 v2.0 (VSTi, AU) [WIN.OSX x64]

Bollywood Maharaja 2 v2.0
BeatSkillz – Bollywood Maharaja 2 v2.0 (VSTi, AU) [WIN.OSX x64]

hey guys this is meteoric from Freshplugin4u and

I'm just gonna show you our new product

which is Bollywood Maharaja - with this

I'm going to use four instances of

Bollywood Maharaja the first style or

the first type of patch I'm using is

going to be slices.

so I'm gonna make a simple part images

that's actually an Indian style of

percussion , the second sound is basically

an awesome urban kit so we've also got

your killer kick snare samples from hip

hop like already processed for you and

great sounding.

you can to pan that to the

left and go back to the first slices of

Indian percussion that sounds groovy

let's put that then we have large

ambient sounds

you can see we've got four

instances and we've put together some

sounds so like I said you can open the

preset list and select something from

the categories so you can get all these

slices of Indian percussion out here

lots of them

and then the mixed sounds here then

we've got some hardcore trap hip-hop

gets to so everything's in this plug-in

basically you can just build from here

itself you don't need to find some other

hip-hop kits it's all here already

tweaked and eq'd and compressed ready

for you to just stick in your tracks be

inspired and write some new and fresh

music so ,this Bollywood Moraga our 2 is available

on our website which is www.freshplugin4u.com

or the bundle so you can then get both

of these amazing sound packages.


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