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Audiority Effects Plugin Bundle 2021.4

Audiority Effects Plugin Bundle 2021.4
Audiority Effects Plugin Bundle 2021.4

This bundle includes ALL Audiority effects plugins. This page (as well version number and price) will be updated on every new plugin release.


Big Goat v1.1.0 — Analog modeled vintage distortion pedal

Blue Face v1.1.0 — Analog modeled vintage fuzz pedal

Deleight v1.2.0 — Multi Tap Stereo Delay with cross feedback

Distortion One v1.1.0 — Analog modeled distortion pedal

Echoes T7E mkII v2.0.0 — Analog Modelled Italian Magnetic Echo

GrainSpace v2.3.0 — Granular processor & reverb

Green Reaper v1.0.0 – Analog modeled overdrive pedal

Harmonic Maximizer v1.2.0 — Multiband exciter & loudness maximizer

Heavy Pedal mkII v2.0.0 – Analog modeled distortion pedal

LDC2 Compander v1.2.0 – Analog modeled optical compressor & expander

Plexitape v1.2.0 – Analog modeled vintage tape echo

Polaris v1.7.2 — Echo/Reverb based on early digital reverbs of the late 70s

PolyComp v1.1.0 – Analog modeled multiband compressor

Pre X7 v1.3.0 — Analog modeled tube preamplifier

Side Filter v1.3.0 — HighPass filter designed to process only the side part of a stereo signal

Solidus Randy 250 v1.1.0 – Analog modeled vintage solid state guitar amplifiers

Solidus VS8100 v1.2.0 — Analog modeled vintage solid state guitar amplifier

The Abuser v1.5.2 — Aggressive distortion unit

TS-1 Transient Shaper v1.3.0 — Transient shaper with soft clipping

Tube Modulator v1.2.2 — Analog modeled modulator

XenoVerb v1.2.1 — Multiple algorithms creative reverb