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Audentity Records - Strings Adventure (WAV)

Updated: Apr 23

 Audentity Records - Strings Adventure (WAV)
Audentity Records - Strings Adventure (WAV)

Strings adventure

Publisher : Audentity Records

Format : WAV

Quality : 16/24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description : Audentity Records is proud to present: "Strings Adventure" a new Guitar Loops pack filled with useful guitar riffs performed by well-known guitarist Max Moers.

Dutch-born guitarist Max Meers has released this set exclusively for Audentity Records.

The guitar riffs in "Strings Adventure" are useful for all genres, from Ambient, Pop, Cinematic, Till Deep House, Future pop and many more.

Let yourself be inspired by emotional, hit, pop, jazz and atmospheric loops and put them on your beats and music.


* 50 X Raw Guitar Riffs / Loops * 22 X Guitar Loops with FX * 45 X Unmastered (no limiter) Guitar Loops * Bpm: 70, 90, 100,110, 120 & 140


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